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Woody's Lunchbox

When visiting Disney’s Hollywood Studios, there are many iconic restaurants where guests can find a good meal. From the elegance of The Hollywood Brown Derby to the all-day character meals at Hollywood and Vine to the classic car dining booths at Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater, you may need more than one day in Hollywood Studios just to find time for all of the special experiences! But when you are on-the-go, visiting all of the shows, attractions, and character meet-and-greets, quick service options often better fit into your daily itinerary. One of the most popular spots in Hollywood Studios for a quick service meal is located in Toy Story Land. During our last trip to Hollywood Studios, we dined at Woody’s Lunch Box for lunch and we found it to be a filling meal that kept us fueled until we stopped for an afternoon Mickey Ice Cream Bar.

Woody's Lunchbox Menu
This abbreviated menu appears as you enter the line for Woody’s Lunch Box. Photo by Rachen Van Norman

My husband opted for the smoked turkey sandwich with the tomato soup dipper. The sandwich tasted great, but the portion of tomato soup is truly a dipper and not enough to really classify as a “side of soup.” Since the small size was a bit of a disappointment, next time he will order an additional side item or just skip the tomato soup dipper all together.

Woody's Lunchbox
Pictured above is the turkey breast with lettuce and tomato on multigrain bread with the tomato soup dipper and the adult grilled cheese with a side of potato barrels. Which side would you choose? Photo by Ramon Lazano

I chose the BBQ Brisket Melt that was very filling! The smoked brisket and tangy sauce paired well with the melted cheese and pickles. I was able to choose gluten-free bread when ordering and selected potato barrels as my side. I was definitely recharged after such a hearty meal and would order the same sandwich again, especially if I had a large appetite on the day of our visit.

Woody's Lunchbox Brisket Sandwich
This hearty brisket sandwich was delicious and filling! Photo by Disney

Our two children under the age of 8 both ordered a kids’ grilled cheese. This comes with a generously-sized half sandwich, potato barrels (tater tots), and a Cuties Mandarin. They really devoured this meal and especially love the Cuties from Disney World despite not taking to them when I buy them from our local grocery store. I guess even fruit tastes better in Disney World!

Woody's Lunchbox
The kids grilled cheese meal was a well-sized portion or our children ages 4 and 7.

We couldn’t visit Woody’s Lunch Box without also ordering a lunch box tart! The flavors (and sprinkles) of lunch box tarts vary with the seasons, so we found ourselves with a choice of chocolate hazelnut, a usual staple, and pumpkin. We picked the classic chocolate hazelnut, because that flavor never disappoints! The lunchbox tart was just big enough to split four ways so that we could all have a taste and enjoy a few sweet bites after our already satisfying meal.

Woody's Lunchbox Tart
Look for seasonal flavors and decorations on Woody’s famous lunch box tart!

Since Toy Story Land is such a popular area in Hollywood Studios, that makes Woody’s Lunch Box a sought after dining location and it can be quite busy during peak times. I definitely recommend mobile ordering your meal to reduce your wait time. Even with utilizing mobile order, I waited approximately 15-20 minutes once it said our food was being prepared. In the meantime, my husband also strategically waited for a table as there were many patrons doing the same. On this busy day, cast members were checking that the My Disney Experience app showed that our meal was being prepared before allowing guests to even enter the seating area for Woody’s Lunch Box. While it didn’t make the experience any less pleasant, next time we will simply be prepared to wait a little longer at this location, even when placing the order in advance. It is well worth it!

Toy Story Land
Toy Story Land is often bustling with people, so even when placing your food order in advance, be prepared to wait perhaps beyond your chosen pick-up window.

On our next visit to Hollywood Studios, we will definitely consider dining at Woody’s Lunch Box again. The location in Toy Story Land, next to some of our favorite Walt Disney World attractions, just can’t be beat, and the menu offers something that everyone can enjoy. Have you ever dined at Woody’s Lunch Box? What is your favorite item on the menu? Let us know in the comments below!

Featured photo: Emily Murray.

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