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Disney Trivia - May 15

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Daily Trivia Answers and Winner Information

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January Winners

January 8
Q. What was the first Disney Vacation Club property to open?
A. Disney’s Old Key West Resort
Winner: Gary Ackley

January 9
Q. On what day in 1971 did Walt Disney World officially open?
A. October 1
Winner: Sarah Cummings

January 10
Q. Which two resorts opened the same day and year as Walt Disney World?
A. Disney’s Contemporary and Polynesian Resorts
Winner: Heather Moran

January 11
Q. Which Disney Park originally opened on Earth Day, April 22?
A. Disney’s Animal Kingdom
Winner: Kelly Bebee

January 12
Q. Which Disney Resort hotel is themed after the Pacific Northwest?
A. Disney’s Wilderness Lodge
Winner: Daniel Sloan

January 13
Q. How many symbols of ghosts (including physical ghosts, skeletons on the wallpaper, gravestones, etc.) can one find in The Haunted Mansion ride?
A. 999
Winner: Cassie Barnett

January 14
Q. Which Disney park is celebrating its 32nd birthday in May 2021?
A. Disney’s Hollywood Studios
Winner: Kenneth Wong

January 15
Q. What month of year does EPCOT usually not have any festivals?
A. July
Winner: Celia Martin

January 16
Q. How many Disney Vacation Club resorts are located at the Disneyland Resort in California?
A. 1, Disney’s Grand Californian
Winner: Sarah Burkart

January 17
Q. Which land at a Disney World park has had the largest expansion to date?
A. Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Hollywood Studios
Winner: Sara Squires

January 18
Q. Which Disney park is rumored to have a system of tunnels underneath it?
A. Disney’s Magic Kingdom
Winner: Justina Fox

January 19
Q. Which of the following Disneyland opening day attractions predates the park by over 30 years?
A. King Arthur Carrousel
Winner: Scott Stueber

January 20
Q. In the original park design, what was the name of the land that is now known as Pandora: The World of Avatar?
A. Beastly Kingdom
Winner: Phoebe Horn

January 21
Q. How many Disney theme parks are there around the world?
A. 12
Winner: Christine McNair

January 22
Q. Which Disney World attraction has the tallest height requirement?
A. Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster
Winner: Melanie Lynch

January 23
Q. At EPCOT’s Club Cool, the non-carbonated drink VegitaBeta came from which country?
A. Japan
Winner: Georgia Koenig

January 24
Q. Which is the largest theme park (by acres) at Walt Disney World?
A. Animal Kingdom
Winner: Jayson Reynon

January 25
Q. Which Disney Park attraction debuted the very first trackless ride system?
A. Pooh’s Hunny Hunt, Tokyo Disneyland
Winner: Tetuaria Mahaa

January 26
Q. What was the name of Disney World’s first water park?
A. Disney’s River Country
Winner: Bradford Wagner

January 27
Q. What year did the International Food & Wine Festival debut at EPCOT?
A. 1996
Winner: Alyson Parsons

January 28
Q. When Magic Kingdom opened in 1971, what was the cost of a park ticket?
A. $3.50
Winner: Giovaldy Alvarado

January 29
Q. What company sponsored Disney’s Carousel of Progress from its original opening at the 1964 World’s Fair up until 1985?
A. General Electric
Winner: Susan Allen

January 30
Q. How many stores are there currently at Disney Springs?
A. 99
Winner: Lindsay Rice

January 31
Q. What is the oldest Disney Princess movie?
A. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Winner: Myrlande St Vil

February Winners

February 1
Q. Which of the following will you NOT find for sale at Disney’s Magic Kingdom?
A. Bubble Gum
Winner: Philip Knutson

February 2
Q. What is the tallest attraction at Disney World?
A. Expedition Everest
Winner: Christina Struck

February 3
Q. Which two Disney attractions use the same ride system, track, and layout but with completely different theming?
A. Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Forbidden Eye (Disneyland, CA) & Dinosaur (Animal Kingdom)
Winner: Amy Obrien

February 4
Q. What was the first international Disney Park to open?
A. Tokyo Disneyland
Winner: Barbara Reiher

February 5
Q. Eleanor Audley is an actress who gave her distinctive voice to Lady Tremaine in Cinderella and Maleficent in Sleeping Beauty. Which character does she voice on the Haunted Mansion ride?
A. Madame Leota
Winner: Pamela George

February 6
Q. What major automobile company currently sponsors EPCOT’s Test Track?
A. Chevrolet
Winner: Melissa Frulla

February 7
Q. Which of these attractions did NOT open with Magic Kingdom on October 1, 1971?
A. Pirates of the Caribbean
Winner: Greg Batts

February 8
Q. Which ride experience at Disney’s Animal Kingdom is the longest (not including wait times)?
A. Kilimanjaro Safari
Winner: Adrienne DiMonte

February 9
Q. Which ride underwent refurbishment in 2010 because George Lucas thought it wasn’t exciting enough?
A. Star Tours: The Adventure Continues
Winner: John Morales

February 10
Q. What is the fastest ride at Disney World?
A. Test Track
Winner: Shanna Nash

February 11
Q. Which of Disney experience has the same name at both Disney World and Disneyland?
A. Haunted Mansion
Winner: Julie Rich
*Note: As there were multiple correct answers for this trivia question, all entries were submitted into the prize drawing.

February 12
Q. EPCOT’s China Pavilion served as the music video backdrop for which song from Disney’s Mulan soundtrack?
A. Reflection
Winner: Jenna Moore

February 13
Q. The bell tower at EPCOT’s Italy Pavilion is a re-creation of a famous bell tower in what Italian city?
A. Venice
Winner: Dianna Rasulis

February 14
Q. Which is the only Disney theme park in the world to no longer have any of its opening day rides or attractions?
A. Hollywood Studios
Winner: Debbie Seals

February 15
Q. Disney Old Key West is DVC’s oldest resort. What was its original name?
A. The Disney Vacation Club Resort
Winner: Bridget Dignan

February 16
Q. Which DVC Resort is home to a bronze statue of Ariel, The Little Mermaid?
A. Beach Club Villas
Winner: Mumaw Parker

February 17
Q. Which classic ride can be found at every Disney Resort around the world?
A. Dumbo the Flying Elephant
Winner: Brandon O’Connor

February 18
Q. In which Disney Park can you find the largest hidden Mickey ever created?
A. Hollywood Studios
Winner: Michael McCurdy

February 19
Q. Which Disney World park offers the most complimentary transportation options??
Winner: Elisa DeJesus

February 20
Q. What is the new word Disney World just coined to describe their 50th Anniversary celebration theme decor?
A. EARidescence
Winner: Lesley Anderson

February 21
Q. Which two DVC resorts offer full service spas on property?
A. Saratoga Springs and Grand Floridian
Winner: Rachel Olson

February 22
Q. The floating torii gate in Epcot’s Japan pavilion is modeled after which famous Japanese shrine?
A. Itsukushima Shrine
Winner: Heather White

February 23
Q. Disney’s Carousel of Progress has had two theme songs throughout its lifetime, the well-known “It’s a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow” and…
A. “The Best Time Of Your Life”
Winner: Sheila Spino

February 24
Q. The fountain in the lobby of The Villas at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa is inspired by which classic Disney musical?
A. Mary Poppins
Winner: Leslie Blatt

February 25
Q. In Animal Kingdom’s Dinosaur ride, which geological period do riders travel to?
A. Cretaceous
Winner: Susan Freiberg

February 26
Q. Well before the new Disney Skyliner, another gondola attraction existed at Disney World. What was its name?
A. The Skyway
Winner: Anthony Primo

February 27
Q. Which two Disney World resorts were built using “unitized modular construction,” a process in which guest rooms were originally constructed entirely offsite then placed into position after the building’s frame was completed?
A. Contemporary & Polynesian
Winner: Spencer Carter

February 28
Q. How many countries are there in Epcot’s World Showcase?
A. 11
Winner: Mark Hendrickson

March Winners

March 1
Q. What was the in-house name of Disney World during the planning process?
A. The Florida Project
Winner: Haley Pearson

March 2
Q. What year did Disney drop the word “Center” from Epcot’s name?
A. 1994
Winner: Gina Hollis

March 3
Q. Where in Walt Disney World can guests have the dining experience of a family in the mid-20th century?
A. 50’s Prime Time Cafe in Disney’s Hollywood Studios
Winner: Debbie Ball

March 4
Q. At which DVC Resort can you find a real, live mascot named Shadow?
A. Disney’s Hilton Head Island Resort
Winner: Patricia McGee-Welch

March 5
Q. Which Disney World restaurant is named after a pirate who is claimed to have been active along Florida’s west coast during the 18th and 19th centuries?
A. Gasparilla Island Grill at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa
Winner: Lori Kopcha

March 6
Q. What is the name of the animatronic musician at Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe?
A. Sonny Eclipse
Winner: Stephanie Walker

March 7
Q. What is the largest Disney merchandise store in the world?
A. World of Disney at Disney Springs
Winner: Kaitlyn McCrerey

March 8
Q. No matter where you are in the Disney World parks, you’re never more than how many steps from the nearest garbage can?
A. 30 Steps
Winner: Erik Diluzio

March 9
Q. Which area of Disney’s Magic Kingdom has no restrooms, in order to keep with the theming of the area?
A. Liberty Square
Winner: Susan Gindhart

March 10
Q. Which Disney World restaurant pays homage to an attraction that was once located in the same park?
A. Backlot Express at Disney’s Hollywood Studios
Winner: Molly Algermissen

March 11
Q. Which restaurant in Disney’s Magic Kingdom can you dine while overlooking “it’s a small world”?
A. Pinocchio Village Haus
Winner: Beverly Demers

March 12
Q. At which DVC Resort might guests find statues of the legendary Menehune people hidden throughout the resort grounds?
A. Disney’s Aulani Hawaii Resort
Winner: Rebecca Lamb

March 13
Q. What are the names of the hitchhiking ghosts from the Haunted Mansion attraction?
A. Ezra, Phineas & Gus
Winner: Tracy Ivey

March 14
Q. Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure attraction premiered at which Disney park?
A. Walt Disney Studios Park, Paris
Winner: Mackenzie Amos

March 15
Q. Which Disney World attraction officially opened on St. Patrick’s Day in 1999?
A. Test Track
Winner: Mona Moreland

March 16
Q. Raglan Road, Disney World’s Irish Pub, shares its name with a street in which Irish city?
A. Dublin, Ireland
Winner: Melissa Pelham

March 17
Q. Which Disney live action movie was released in US theaters on St. Patrick’s Day, 2017?
A. Beauty and the Beast
Winner: Matt Flynn

March 18
Q. At Animal Kingdom Villas the main resort house is called Jambo House. What is the meaning of the word Jambo in Swahili?
A. Hello
Winner: Ray Moore

March 19
Q. Which two countries were not present in the World Showcase when EPCOT opened in 1982?
A. Norway and Morocco
Winner: Michaela Hale

March 20
Q. What famous menu item can you order at the Hollywood Brown Derby that is named after the owner of the original restaurant, who also invented the dish?
A. Cobb Salad, named after Robert Howard Cobb
Winner: Philip Curry

March 21
Q. How many months apart were the initial openings of DVC’s Vero Beach Resort and DVC’s Hilton Head Island Resort?
A. 5
Winner: Rachel Gindhart

March 22
Q. Actor Steve Martin was once a Disneyland Cast Member. What was his job?
A. Magician at Merlin’s Magic Shop
Winner: Colleen Mckenna

March 23
Q. What year was Cinderella’s Castle at Magic Kingdom transformed into a birthday cake?
A. 1996
Winner: Jonathan Leung

March 24
Q. What was the original name of Disney Springs when it opened in 1975?
A. Lake Buena Vista Shopping Village
Winner: Erin Caimi

March 25
Q. When Magic Kingdom opened in 1971 the price of admission was $3.50. What can you buy today at Magic Kingdom the for the same exact price?
A. A bottled water
Winner: Anne Merovich

March 26
Q. What famous American snack was invented at Disneyland in the early 1960s?
A. Doritos
Winner: Mike Stouber

March 27
Q. Which is the tallest Disney park castle around the world?
A. Enchanted Storybook Castle – Shanghai Disneyland
Winner: Kelly Rasulis

March 28
Q. Which of these flavors of ice cream is not included in the famous Kitchen Sink at Beaches and Cream?
A. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
Winner: Kathy Austin

March 29
Q. What is the name of the fictional mining town Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is set in?
A. Tumbleweed
Winner: Lazlo Gorgi

March 30
Q. If you were walking through EPCOT’s World Showcase and passed Norway, then China, which country would you come to next?
A. Germany
Winner: Eric Koup

March 31
Q. What American town was Main Street, USA modeled after?
A. Marceline, MO
Winner: Tom Cavalli

April Winners

April 1
Q. Which is the smallest theme park at Walt Disney World?
A. Magic Kingdom
Winner: Kim Ewasko

Q. Which planet do guests visit in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge?
A. Batuu
Winner: Verna Panaccio

April 3
Q. What is the name of Disney’s private island?
A. Castaway Cay
Winner: Everett Somers

April 4
Q. What fruit is stuffed inside the famous Tonga Toast breakfast at Polynesian’s Kona Cafe?
A. Banana
Winner: John Wolf

April 5
Q. What were the first words ever spoken by Mickey Mouse?
A. Hot Dogs!
Winner: John Shannon

April 6
Q. Inside the Cinderella Castle Suite there is a broken grandfather clock. What time is it stuck on?
A. 11:59
Winner: Shelley Wehler

April 7
Q. Which of these rides was NOT an opening day attraction at Disneyland, CA?
A. Dumbo the Flying Elephant
Winner: Benjamin Young

April 8
Q. What ride does EPCOT’s Garden Grill overlook as you rotate?
A. Living with the Land
Winner: Mark Lyons

Q. What is the name of the ship impaled on the top of Mount Mayday in Typhoon Lagoon?
A. Miss Tilly
Winner: Kim Saviano

April 10
Q. In which Magic Kingdom attraction will you find a “Hidden Donald”?
A. Haunted Mansion
Winner: Debra Martinez

April 11
Q. Push the Talking Trash Can can be found in many Disney Parks around the world. What year was Push retired from Walt Disney World?
A. 2014
Winner: Joan Buddenhagen

April 12
Q. When Magic Kingdom opened in 1971 guests had to buy tickets for individual attractions. What was the most expensive ticket category?
A. “E”
Winner: Mike Merovich

April 13
Q. Which Disney attraction was first to feature audio-animatronics?
A. Enchanted Tiki Room
Winner: Ryan Welch

April 14
Q. At which Disney World Resort can you find a five legged goat?
A. Disney’s Contemporary Resort
Winner: Lillian Mahaffey

April 15
Q. Magic Kingdom opened on October 1, 1971 with how many attractions?
A. 23
Winner: Jane Antonacci

Q. In 2019, Magic Kingdom and Disneyland, CA were the two most visited theme parks in the world. Which park holds the #3 spot?
A. Tokyo Disneyland
Winner: Kristine Morales

April 17
Q. Wishes, the nighttime fireworks show, ran at the Magic Kingdom for over 13 years. What year was it discontinued?
A. 2017
Winner: Tiffany Winter

April 18
Q. What is the highest grossing animated Disney film of all time?
A. Lion King (2019 remake)
Winner: Jasmine George

April 19
Q. What is the name of the river in Animal Kingdom’s Kali River Rapids?
A. Chakranadi
Winner: Robert Tonden

April 20
Q. What was previously located on the land that is now home to Disney’s California Adventure?
A. Disneyland’s Parking Lot
Winner: Taylor Steinhilber

April 21
Q. What is the name of the riverboat that goes along the Rivers of America at Magic Kingdom?
A. Liberty Belle
Winner: Susan Clancy

April 22
Q. What is the name of the droid who provides the safety instructions during the Star Tours – The Adventure Continues pre-show?
A. Aly San San
Winner: Dan Webb
*Note: As correct answer did not display properly all entries, whether correct or not, were submitted into prize drawing.

Q. Disney created four attractions for the 1964 World’s Fair: Carousel of Progress, Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln, Ford’s Magic Skyway, and…
A. it’s a small world
Winner: Emily O’Keefe

April 24
Q. What is the name of the fort on Tom Sawyer’s Island at the Magic Kingdom?
A. Fort Langhorn
Winner: Reinaldo Ramos

April 25
Q. During its time in operation, what scent was pumped into the classic Horizon’s attraction at EPCOT?
A. Citrus
Winner: Patricia Sullivan

April 26
What type of dinosaur do you bring back with you on Animal Kingdom’s Dinosaur ride?
Keith Koenig

April 27
Walt Disney used several fake companies to buy up land to build Disney World. What was the name of one of those companies?
Ayefour Corporation
Rosa Espinosa

April 28
What is the name of the Beast in Beauty and the Beast?
Prince Adam
Denise Woodworth

April 29
Which famous music group officially broke up at Disney’s Polynesian Resort?
The Beatles
Jose Alberto Reyes-Diaz

What non-toxic substance does Disney World use to control their mosquito population?
Shawna Young

May 1
Q. Disneyland just reopened on April 30, 2021. What was its original opening date?
A. July 17, 1955
Winner: Jeanine Gonzales

May 2
Q. Which one of the following is not one of the Seven Dwarfs? Dopey • Sneezy • Droopy
A. Droopy
Winner: Paulette Wells

May 3
Q. What is the bride’s name on the Haunted Mansion attraction?
A. Constance Hatchaway
Winner: Kevin Mcquillan

May the 4th - Star Wars Special Edition Trivia
Q. Who is the first character to say the words "May the Force be with you" in the Star Wars films?
A. General Dodonna
Winner: Cindy Bowling

May 5
Q. At which DVC Resort can you find a pool called Stormalong Bay?
A. Beach Club Villas
Winner: Albert Dill

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