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how to use dvc waitlist

How Does The DVC Waitlist Work?

Published by DVC Shop Editorial Team

If you’re not the Type A, super organized traveler that plans their vacations a year in advance then you may at some point find yourself using the DVC Waitlist program. The DVC Waitlist is an extremely useful program for those of us who don’t have the time or discipline to plan for our vacations well […]


dvc use years do they matter

Does DVC Use Year Matter When Buying A Membership?

Published by DVC Shop Editorial Team

When buying a DVC membership there are various factors to consider before taking the plunge in the wonderful world of Disney vacations. Arguably one of the more confusing factors in the decision making process is determining what Use Year to purchase. One of the more common questions we receive from potential buyers is, does DVC […]


Sweetheart Nite Disneyland

Celebrate Valentine’s Day At Disneyland’s Sweethearts’ Nite

Published by DVC Shop Editorial Team

February 14th is a day to celebrate the ones we love and this year Disney has decided to open up its Disneyland park to throw a love themed after hours bash in honor of the holiday. This family friendly event will be a way to spend the evening with your partner or family while celebrating […]


DVC boardwalk villas with an expiration stamp on top of it

How Long Are DVC Contracts? When Does Each DVC Resort Expire?

Published by DVC Shop Editorial Team

Unlike some other vacation ownerships, Disney Vacation Club’s fifteen unique resorts are all leasehold properties. Being a leasehold means that the land on which the DVC resorts are built is leased from the owner of the land, Disney Vacation Development, Inc.  What Is A Right To Use Timeshare? In the timeshare industry this is sometimes […]


dvc reservation cancellation policy

How To Cancel / Change A DVC Reservation

Published by DVC Shop Editorial Team

Planning and booking DVC vacations is what every member of Disney Vacation Club lives for. However, from time to time there does arise the unfortunate occasion in which one must cancel or change their well-planned, anxiously awaited Disney vacation. As a DVC member, if you find yourself in this unfortunate situation here is how to […]


limited time for epcot forever

Limited Time for ‘Epcot Forever,’ New ‘Harmonious’ Opening Later This Year

Published by DVC Shop Editorial Team

As part of Epcot’s enormous expansion that is well underway, Disney announced last year that it would be replacing its long running nighttime show, “Illuminations: Reflections of Earth” with a brand new production. The new, completely reimagined show, “Harmonious” is currently being constructed in the World Showcase Lagoon by the Disney engineering team. Until its […]


how to take advantage of extra magic hours

When To Take Advantage Of Extra Magic Hours 

Published by DVC Shop Editorial Team

Extra Magic Hours sound great, they’re extra and they’re magic, what’s not to like? While Extra Magic Hours can be a terrific perk for guests staying onsite at one of Disney’s resorts or participating hotel locations, there are some situations when it might be best to avoid this perk. Here is an overview of when […]


disney parks

If You Can Only Visit One Disney Park, Don’t Miss This One

Published by DVC Shop Editorial Team

It’s your worst nightmare, a haphazardly planned trip to Orlando that only leaves you one day to visit the happiest place on Earth. It’s crunchtime and you have to make a decision on which park to visit. How do you decide? If you can only visit one Disney Park, here’s the best way to choose […]


new rides and attractions at walt disney world

What’s New At Disney World For 2020

Published by DVC Shop Editorial Team

It’s only the first month of the year and things at Disney World are moving fast. With so many changes coming to the parks and around the resort it’s difficult to keep track of what’s opening and when. New attractions are being built, updates are being made, new shows are debuting and several new restaurants […]