Which Magic Kingdom Attractions Have A Ride Photo?

Because Walt Disney World has attractions for guests of all ages, riding rides is a huge part of any Disney vacation. Most guests also love to capture the magic of their vacation through photos. Luckily, Disney provides opportunities to do both at the same time with their ride photos. These photo-ops capture the excitement and fun of riding a Disney attraction with candid, one-of-a-kind photos.

On certain attractions, guests have their photos taken during the course of the ride. Typically these photos can be seen on screens at the exit of the attraction where guests can tap their MagicBands or park ticket to link the photo to their MyDisneyExperience app. On the other hand, some attractions’ photographs can only be seen on the app and are linked automatically via RFID chips in the bands. If a guest does not have a MagicBand, they can go to any PhotoPass view station at the parks or Disney Springs to locate and link their photos. It is important that those who do not have a MagicBand take note of what time they have exited a ride. Knowing what day and time you rode a ride can help to locate photos more quickly.

Of all the parks, Magic Kingdom has the most ride photos. Here are the attractions at Magic Kingdom that have a photo opportunity.

Space Mountain

When you blast off on Magic Kingdom’s Space Mountain, your photo is taken. Because there are 2 tracks on this ride, the location of the camera depends on which way the ride vehicle turns at the end of the first tunnel. If the ride is turning right, the camera will be on the right and vice versa. This photo will be displayed at the exit but will also link to a MagicBand automatically.

Space Mountain Ride photo
Space Mountain was first fully indoor roller coaster.

Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin

Who wouldn’t a photo while trying to defeat the evil Emperor Zurg? During Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin, you have control over the direction your ride vehicle faces. But once you reach the end of the ride, the vehicle stops being able to spin and locks into place facing the camera. These photos are displayed in the gift shop at the exit where guests with tickets can link them but they will also be sent to the app if you have a MagicBand.

Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin
Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin was the first Disney attraction to be themed after a Pixar film.

Seven Dwarves Mine Train

The attraction that features the 7 dwarves also has the most ride photo opportunities on a single ride. While most attractions only take 1 photo, the Seven Dwarves Mine Train takes 2 photos and also captures a video as you head down into the mine. Photos and videos taken on this attraction are linked automatically to your MagicBand.

Mine train ride photo
The two photo spots on the Seven Dwarves Mine Train provide different angles of this fun ride.

Haunted Mansion

With the Haunted Mansion‘s ride a photo, a ghost really might follow¬†you home. This photo spot is one of Disney’s newest ride photos and was actually the 13th to be offered. Photos are taken early on in the ride in the hallway of portraits and are linked to MagicBands automatically.

Haunted Mansion ride photo
The Haunted Mansion ride photo launched on April 13, 2019 (Photo: Disney).

Splash Mountain

The main thrill of Splash Mountain is the ride’s biggest drop into the briar patch. As you make your descent, a photo is taken to capture the fun of the drop. While this photo links to MagicBands immediately, they can also be seen in the gift shop at the exit.

splash mountain ride photo
The biggest drop on Splash Mountain is about 52 feet.

Pirates Of The Caribbean

On the Pirates Of The Caribbean ride, you may be shocked to see a talking skull and crossbones. The location of this ride’s camera captures that surprise as the photo is taken after the skeleton speaks but before the drop. This photo links automatically.

Pirates of the Caribbean ride photo
The Pirate of the Caribbean ride photo captures the entire boat.

What is your favorite ride photo at Magic Kingdom? Let use know in the comment!

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