Disney MagicMobile: Use Your Phone As Your MagicBand

Disney's MagicMobile Service

Disney has just announced Disney MagicMobile, a service alternative to MagicBands in the Walt Disney World Resorts. This is a feature that will utilize guests’ mobile devices to perform the same functions as the MagicBand. Using the mobile devices will create a more convenient way for guests to access MagicBand features, while maintaining a contactless method of use. 

Disney is planning a phased in approach to the launch of the MagicMobile service, beginning later this year. It would make sense for Disney to have the new service be fully operational for the 50th anniversary in October, so that may be the date they are shooting for. 

The ability to create a new a Disney MagicMobile pass is being added to the My Disney Experience app which can already do so much including park maps, making dining reservations, entering virtual queues, mobile food ordering and much more. It will then need to be added to the smartphone’s digital wallet. Once these steps are completed, guests can simply go to any access point and hold the smartphone up to it. Guests with Apple devices will be the lucky group to use this new service first, as it will be available to them before it makes its way to other smart devices.

MagicBands in Assorted Colors
MagicBands in Assorted Colors

If you are one of those who absolutely love their MagicBands, do not fret. The Disney MagicMobile service will not be replacing the MagicBands. Guests can choose whichever they would like to use at the time. They can even be used interchangeably for added flexibility. 

MagicMobile is not planned at this time to be a replacement for the digital room key feature. This feature inside of the My Disney Experience app will continue to be used for the foreseeable future. It allows guests to check in online, go directly to their Disney Resort room and unlock the door, all from their smartphones.

What do you think about using the new Disney MagicMobile as an alternative to MagicBands? Is this new service something that interests you, or are you a die hard MagicBand fan with all their fun designs? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below on these upcoming changes.

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