5 Reasons To Not Skip The American Adventure Pavilion In EPCOT’s World Showcase

When strolling around the World Showcase, you may be inclined to just walk on by The American Adventure Pavilion. It seems logical that since you’re in the “World” Showcase, you might want to explore the food and cultures of other countries and not spend time in the pavilion representing the United States. I won’t dispute that there are other snacks, entertainment, and rides that take precedence when planning an itinerary for EPCOT, but I do argue that The American Adventure is not to be skipped! Here is why.

1. A Salute To The History Of The United States Of America

If you need to justify the educational value of a trip to Walt Disney World, a lot of reasons can be found in The American Adventure Pavilion. The building itself is beautiful, architecturally inspired by Colonial Williamsburg, Independence Hall in Philadelphia, Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello, and the Old State House in Boston. Browse the American Heritage Gallery that is dedicated to the artistry of 7 different American Indian communities and learn about traditional Native influence through the interactive exhibits.

As you make your way to a colonial-inspired theater to view the show of the same name, you will ascend through the Hall of Flags. The Hall of Flags is a collection of 44 flags that have flown over the United States including Revolutionary War flags, colonial flags, and foreign flags that once had claim to the land. During the show, you’ll meet many historical figures like Benjamin Franklin, Mark Twain, Susan B. Anthony, and Frederick Douglass and also will surely be impressed with the technology that powers 10 different set changes and 35 animatronics as the story moves through history.

Epcot America Pavilion Flags
Ascend through the Hall of Flags before entering the theatre showing “The American Adventure,” portraying the history of the United States. Photo by Michael Gray (CC BY-SA 2.0)

2. Patriotic Entertainment

Before or after viewing The American Adventure show, you must listen to the Voices of Liberty and EPCOT Pianist who perform in the rotunda. Relax on a bench or simply sit on the floor as you are serenaded with patriotic tunes and other traditional songs from the United States. Voices of Liberty perform on the hour between 12:00-5:00PM and the EPCOT Pianist performs on the half hour between 11:30AM-4:30PM. Check the My Disney Experience app for accurate show times each day.

Voices of Liberty Epcot
Patriotic performers can be found in the American Adventure Pavilion each day! Photo courtesy of Disney

3. Largest Pavilion

The truth is The American Adventure is usually not crowded, so it’s the perfect spot for taking a break from the heat, the rain, or just from walking all day. Its central location in the World Showcase presents a can’t-miss opportunity to take a load off your feet while your listen to the angelic harmonies of the Voices of Liberty and watch the history of the United States unfold in an air-conditioned theater.

Epcot America Pavilion
Take your time to explore the exhibits and entertainment at the American Adventure! Photo by Emily Murray

4. The Best BBQ

While EPCOT is not short on options for delicious food, Regal Eagle Smokehouse is arguably the best place to get BBQ in Walt Disney World and it is found adjacent to The American Adventure! Regal Eagle serves delicious meal options for the entire family, many suitable for those who practice a gluten free or dairy free diet, along with their 4 signature barbecue sauces and craft beer. This quick service restaurant offers indoor seating. For shorter wait times, utilize the Mobile Order option on the My Disney Experience App.

Regal Eagle Smokehouse Epcot
Grab delicious American BBQ cuisine from Regal Eagle Smokehouse! Photo courtesy of Disney

5. American Gardens Theatre

The American Gardens Theatre hosts a variety of concerts throughout the year. DISNEY on Broadway concert series occurs during the Festival of the Arts. Garden Rocks Concert Series can be seen during the Flower and Garden Festival. Find the Eat to the Beat Concert Series during the International Food and Wine Festival and the Candlelight Processional at the International Festival of the Holidays. The acts are always top-notch, and take place in the late afternoon and evening hours, offering another opportunity to relax after a long day of exploring EPCOT. Even if you pass by at a time when there are no scheduled shows, it’s an ideal spot for people watching and enjoying an “The American Dream” slushy from Fife and Drum food kiosk.

Epcot American Gardens Theatre
Enjoy live music at the American Gardens Theatre many nights out of the year! Photo courtesy of Disney

Which countries do you usually visit in the World Showcase? Will you stop by American Adventure on your next trip to EPCOT?  Tell us in the comments below!

Feature Photo by Steven Miller (CC BY 2.0)

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Shelley Wehler

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Shelley is a stay-at-home mother of two girls living outside of Charlotte, North Carolina. Her love of all things Disney has grown even more as she sees the magic come alive through the lens of her young daughters. She spends her free time keeping up with the latest in Disney news and daydreaming of her next trip to the parks!

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