How To Take A Guilt-Free Adult-Only Disney Trip

Adults at Disney

When people think of a Disney vacation, they usually think of families with young children. Although families are a huge part of who visits Disney World, Disney is for people of all ages! If you are planning an adult getaway, Disney may not be on your list, but if start thinking outside the box, you can attempt to take an adult only Disney trip! Disney is a whole new place to explore when you don’t have height requirements, potty breaks, diaper changes, nap schedules, or all the other things our sweet kiddos bring along while traveling with them. Although experiencing the magic beside them is indescribable, enjoying an adult only trip is amazing. Obviously the guilt of going to Disney without your kids can sink in, but don’t let it! Disney isn’t just here for your to experience with your kids. Before you shut it down thinking you wouldn’t be able to go guilt free without your kids, here is how to take a guilt-free adult-only Disney trip!

Couple photo in front of Cinderella Castle
Without kids, you can stay in the parks later than you normally might.

Be Rational

You need to think rationally when planning any vacation away from your kids. You deserve a vacation just you and your partner or friends, or even family members, without kids in tow. Let’s be honest, even a vacation with kids is just parenting in a different location. So getting away without your children is a healthy break we all need once in a while. Just because the place you are going is Disney, doesn’t mean your guilt should set in. When you do go to Disney with your kids you are at their beck and call, packing all the snacks, waters, lunches, and making sure they are having the most magical time. Going to Disney finally only having to worry about yourself is totally earned and deserved! Enjoy with no guilt on the side.

Get To Know Disney While Kid Free

There is a lot to explore at Disney, and sometimes when we are with our children we are so focused on caring for them and getting on to Slinky Dog Dash; it can be hard to find the hidden gems. So when you are at Disney without your kids, it is the perfect time to slow down and find out all that it has to offer! When you get back home you will have so many more to-do things on your list the next time you take your kiddos, and they will thank you for it. Pretty much I am telling you to write this adult trip off as a solely research adventure and pitch it to your kids that way. All in the name of research I say!

Fireworks at Walt Disney World
Explore new experiences that you and your family can enjoy on your next family vacation.

Get Re-energized!

One guilt free thought when taking your adult only Disney vacation; look at vacation as re-energizing yourself to be your best self. Everyone needs a break and self care, so taking a vacation anywhere is doing just that. Going to Disney for your adult-only vacation is a way for you to push the restart button and come back with even more energy. Your kids will thank you when you have been able to recharge a bit and seem more relaxed and ready to be the energetic happy parent they need and want!

A Sweet Gift To Soften the Blow

Of course, whenever I have taken a guilt free adult only vacation, I soften the blow to my kids with a special small little gift from the parks. It doesn’t have to be big at all, but maybe a cookie from one of the many bakeshops around, or a special pin to add to their collection. Just a little something so they know you were thinking of them!

Disney Park Gift Shop

Believe it or not, you will find the guilt melts away the second you are on Space Mountain, or enjoying your favorite glass of wine in Italy at Epcot. There is no need to feel guilty going with the kids when you deserve just as much fun and excitement along with rest and relaxation. You will come home more energized than you left with maybe new fun ideas for the next family trip, and a small gift in hand. Your kids will love hearing about all the fun things you did and let them know you just warmed up Disney for your next all in family vacation. So have a blast, and enjoy your guilt free adult only Disney vacation!

Featured photo: Disney.

Written by

Erin Bonsall

Contributing Writer

Erin is mom of 4 little boys and a pre-school teacher, from outside of Charlotte, NC. She remembers one magical Disney trip at a young age, but having children made her want to bring her own kids to the happiest place on earth! One trip 7 years ago started a love for everything Disney! Now her family visits Disney World as much as possible and it is their favorite place to make magical memories!

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