Disney Calendar

Tips For Planning The Perfect Disney World Itinerary

The perfect Disney World itinerary comes in many shapes and sizes. Not two itineraries are going to look the same, not even your own from your past Disney vacations. You and your family are unique and what works for you may not work for someone else, also Disney World is always changing and evolving! Every […]

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World of Disney at Disney Sprigs

A Complete Guide To Disney Springs

Disney Springs is one of my favorite places to enjoy whether we are on a Disney vacation or in the area. Disney Springs brings the world of Disney to you along with shopping, entertainment, amazing dining experiences and more. Whenever we go to Disney, we make sure to make a night out of Disney Springs […]

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Buzz Lightyear

Ultimate Guide To Toy Story Land At Hollywood Studios

I can remember the awaited anticipation I felt while Toy Story Land was being built, but it was all worth it when it was finally revealed! Toy Story Land transports you to a world where Woody and Buzz come to life, and we get to play with them! The attractions are out of this world […]

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Disney's 50th Anniversary Stitch

Disney’s 50th Anniversary Celebration Ends

When Disney celebrates, it celebrates BIG! Disney’s 50th Anniversary Celebration was no different. The celebration began on October 1, 2021 and brought a lot of new exciting attractions and decor! From the new Earidescent decor on Cinderella’s castle, new firework shows, exciting and thrilling new attractions, hotel and restaurant grand openings and more, Disney’s 50th […]

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disney large family

Customize Disney Tips For Traveling With Children

There is no denying, our loving sweet children we care for so much, make vacations a little harder. Okay, maybe a lot harder! But they are totally worth it. Once you see your little one light up at the sight of Mickey or see their wonder as you walk through Cinderella’s castle, and hear their […]

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My Favorite Rides At Every Disney World Park

After planning and enjoying 7 family vacations to Disney World, I have ridden every ride there at each park. Some I have even ridden several times. Now, I have not been in the past year so there are new attractions such as Cosmic Rewind, that I have not yet experienced. But other than a few […]

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Animal Kingdom Lodge

You Never Have To Grow Up Disney: A Guide For Older Travelers

Let’s take a page from Peter Pan’s book and never grow up! It is true at Disney because no one ages at Disney. Which means, Disney is a great vacation spot for any age. For older travelers, Disney may seem out of the discussion when planning your next vacation, but it is actually a great […]

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Hidden Mickey at DVC Resort. Photo: Emily Murray

A List Of Hidden Mickeys At Disney World’s Parks

I am sure my family is not the only Hidden Mickey obsessed seeking family! It is one of our favorite things to do while visiting the parks, and it is quite the thrill when we finally find one! If you and your family also love to find hidden Mickey’s I have quite the list for […]

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Spaceship Earth

Here’s Why EPCOT Is My Favorite Disney Park

I will admit, when I started taking my family to Disney World, we skipped EPCOT the first few visits. I had it in my mind EPCOT was not for kids and I was kicking myself when we finally visited and it all became our favorite park! EPCOT has so much to offer and is definitely […]

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Disney Resort Key Card

How To Choose the Right Disney Park Ticket For You

There is not just one ticket to buy to get into the parks at Disney, there are a lot of options. With so many options it may seem hard to decide which one is right for you and your family. There is also a lot to consider; how many days are you going for? What […]

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