Hidden Photo Spots Around EPCOT’s World Showcase

EPCOT World Showcase

You’ve probably heard of eating and drinking around EPCOT’s World Showcase. But, have you ever tried to take a photo in all of the pavilions? Between the 11 pavilions there are so many picturesque locations! Read on to see the hidden photo spots around EPCOT‘s World Showcase!

1. Donald Meet And Greet Area – Mexico

This aztec-themed wall is located just past the main building in the Mexico building. Typically, Donald Duck meets here in a large sombrero but at certain times of the day, it is empty. If you happen to walk past during these times, be sure to take advantage of the photo-op!

EPCOT Mexico
There are a few features in this area that are great to lean on for a photo!

2. Stave Church – Norway

The Norway pavilion has a full replica of Norway’s Stave Church. Inside the church is a gallery of Norse mythology such as the tales of Thor, Loki, and Freya. The outside makes for a great photo backdrop. Past the main area of this pavilion is a large rock that you can stand by to get the best view of this church.

EPCOT Norway
Don’t forget to also go inside to learn more about Norse Gods and Legends!

3. Temple Of Heaven Bridge – China

At the center of the China pavilion is a replica of the Temple of Heaven. There are plenty of good places to get a photo with this structure but we think one of the best the small bridge on the right side of the pavilion. You will find this spot close to the replica amongst the ponds.

The real Temple of Heaven is in Beijing.

4. Arribas Brother’s Glass Window – Germany

Arribas Brother’s is one of Disney’s longest partnerships dating back to 1967. This company creates handmade, crystal souvenirs, such as jewelry. In the Germany pavilion, there is an Arribas Brother’s location. On the back side of this merchandise stand is a beautiful stained glass window that also serves as a beautiful photo backdrop.

EPCOT Germany
This floral window faces the World Showcase Lagoon.

5. Yellow Nook – Italy

This yellow nook in the Italy pavilion is truly hidden. When exploring this area, you might not even see it at first glance. This photo-op sits in the back left corner next to Via Napoli. The gorgeous tiling and bright colors make this little corner spot great for taking a picture.


6. American Adventure Fountain – America

If you are looking for a patriotic photo, look no further than the World Showcase’s largest pavilion: America. The fountain at the center of the pavilion, and in front of The American Adventure, is quite large. This means it can work well for individual and group photos!

EPCOT America
Show your patriotic side by taking a photo in the America pavilion.

7. White Heron Castle – Japan

EPCOT’s Japan pavilion is filled with beautiful tall structures. One you may not notice in the back left corner is the replica of the White Heron Castle. The best way to get a photo with this building is to head up the stairs that lead to Teppan Edo, which is above the Mitsukoshi gift shop.


8. Mosaic Fountain – Morocco

Morocco is one of the most detailed pavilions in the World Showcase. When developing this area, Moroccan artisans were actually sent to EPCOT to help create the mosaics used in the design. The best way to get a photo with these beautiful mosaics is to find this fountain near the Brass Bazar.

EPCOT Morocco
For religious reasons, the mosaics contain no representations of people.

9. Ratatouille Moped – France

Even though there are lots of cheese-themed details in the new Ratatouille part of the France pavilion, you won’t take a cheesy photo in this spot! Across from the exit of Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure is this red moped. Because the backdrop looks like a typical French street, you can sit on the bike and act like you are really in France!

EPCOT France
Be sure to look for all the hidden Ratatouille details in this area!

10. Tea Tour Arch – United Kingdom

One of the most unique features of the United Kingdom pavilion is the Twinings Tea Tour. At the entrance of this area, there is a this very pretty arch that is great for a photo. Because this arch is large in size, you can also take a good group photo here. Be sure to also check out this spot at night because it is typically light with string lights.

Twinings Tea can be purchased in the UK pavilion.

11. Victoria Garden Pathway – Canada

The Victoria Gardens in the Canada pavilion were designed to look like the Butchart Gardens near Victoria, British Columbia. The pathway along this brightly colored garden provides a great view of the Château Frontenac for your photo!

EPCOT Canada
The Victoria Gardens is the biggest gardens in all of the pavilions.

Where is your favorite place to take photos at EPCOT? Let us know in the comments!

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