Disney’s Vero Beach Resort or Disney’s Hilton Head Island Resort: Which is Better For Families With Young Children?

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When vacationing with young children a family-friendly resort is a must. Nobody understands family accommodations quite like Disney, which is why staying at a DVC resort for your next beach vacation will make for a smooth and magical experience! Disney’s Vero Beach Resort is located on the east coast of Florida, roughly 2 hours away from Disney World. Disney’s Hilton Head Island Resort is located on the east coast of South Carolina and not near any Disney parks at all. Both of these resorts are great for families, but which resort is better for families with young children?

Disney’s Vero Beach Resort

Parents of young children love traveling to Disney’s Vero Beach resort because it contains everything you need to have a complete vacation without ever leaving the property. Disney’s Vero Beach Resort is located right on the beach, families are steps away from miles of clean, private beach and can easily retreat back to their room if the children need a break. Families can rent cabanas or chairs for the entire day, and even take advantage of beachside food and beverage services.

Vero Beach Beach
Miles of Beach At Vero. Photo: Megan Woodard

When you need a break from the beach, Vero Beach’s heated pool and waterslide are just a few steps away. The pool area at Disney’s Vero Beach Resort is also home to a pirate-themed splash pool that the little ones will love. Locker rooms and bathrooms are nearby, as well as a fitness center and Community Hall for other fun activities!

Vero Beach Pool
Take a dip in Vero Beach’s pool! Photo: Emily Murray.

Disney’s Vero Beach Resort operates a sit-down restaurant, Wind & Waves Grill, for breakfast and dinner, as well as a quick-service dining location right outside for all meals and snacks. The Green Cabin Room is located on the second floor of the main lobby building and operates as a coffee shop in the morning and a lounge at night. You’ll find a wide variety of meals at this resort without having to drive anywhere!

Vero Beach Lobby
Vero Beach’s Lobby and Gift Shop. Photo: Megan Woodard

If you do choose to leave property, the Disney parks and Disney Springs are a 2-hour drive away which is perfect for a day trip.

Disney’s Hilton Head Island Resort

Disney’s Hilton Head Island Resort resides on one of the best islands to visit on the east coast. South Carolina is famous for Hilton Head, and its beautiful beaches speak for themselves. Disney’s Hilton Head Island Resort is near the water, but the beach cannot easily be walked to and complimentary shuttles will get you to and from in about 5 minutes. If you wish to stay on the beach and not drive back and forth when the kids get tired, you can take advantage of Disney’s Beach House. Located on the beach, Disney’s Beach House is air-conditioned and even has its own heated swimming pool.

Hilton Head
The Beach House at Disney’s Hilton Head Resort. Photo: Disney.

Disney’s Hilton Head Island Resort also has two other pools on property, one of which contains a waterslide and a small splash pool with water-spitting frogs for the little ones. Disney offers many family-friendly activities for your vacation like movies under the oaks, guided nature walks, and campfire activities. Exciting extras like the dolphin boat tour are also available, and for all ages, at a cost of 45 dollars per person.

Dolphins at Hilton Head. Photo: Disney

If you are in need of more activities, Hilton Head Island itself is full of fun things to see and do, and lots and lots of shopping!

Which Is Better?

Both resorts are excellent options for families who wish to have a beach vacation with the “Disney standard”. Families with young children might find themselves more comfortable at Vero Beach Resort due to its close proximity to the beach, and overall being a smaller resort. However, Disney’s Hilton Head Island still has great accommodations for those bringing small children, such as the Disney Beach House. The answer to this question is dependent on your family and the beach vacation experience you wish to have. If you are looking for something low-key with the beach being the main focus of the trip then Disney’s Vero Beach might be your preference. But if you are looking to expand your trip beyond the beach and leave the resort to experience local attractions, then Disney’s Hilton Head Island might be better for you. Either way, you can’t go wrong in choosing a DVC beach resort!

Signs at Vero Beach
Signs at Vero Beach. Photo: Megan Woodard

Featured Images: Emily Murray.

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Megan Woodard

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Megan was born into a Disney family. Her first trip to Disney World was when she was only 18 months old. Now as an adult, Megan loves to share the magic of Disney with her two toddlers. Keeping up with Disney news and Disney World knowledge is a fun hobby for Megan. Disney World is her favorite place to be and continuously brings back her childhood joy.

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