5 Reasons To Stay At DVC’s Animal Kingdom Villas

Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge

DVC’s Animal Kingdom Villas are located at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge. This resort, which opened in 2001, is the closest to Disney’s Animal Kingdom park. In addition to be expertly themed, this deluxe resort offers one of Disney World’s most unique lodging experiences with it 11 acres of savannas. Read on for 5 reasons to stay at DVC’s Animal Kingdom Villas!

DAKL Lobby
Jambo House Lobby. Photo: Emily Murray.

5. Immersive Atmosphere

There are two buildings that make up Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge: Kidani Village and Jambo House. Each building has their own Africa-themed lobby. These lobbies, along with all areas of Animal Kingdom Lodge, provide a very immersive experience. To achieve this, many native materials were used in the resort’s design. Perhaps the most impressive aspect of the lodge’s atmosphere is it’s collection of African art and artifacts, which is actually one of the largest in the United States!

DAKL Lobby
Igbo ljele mask in Jambo House lobby. Photo: Emily Murray.

4. “Try Something New” Dining Experiences

Between Jambo House and Kidani there are a few top-notch dining locations where you can try African-inspired foods you have likely never had before! Boma – Flavors of Africa, at Jambo House, is a buffet with items from 50 different African countries. Also at Jambo is Jiko – The Cooking Place which has a menu of traditional African, Indian, and Mediterranean cuisine. Over at Kidani, Sanaa offers the art of African cooking with Indian flavors with a few of resort’s Sunset Savanna. The bread service at Sanaa is a can’t-miss appetizer!

Sanaa's Bread Service
Sanaa’s Bread Service. Photo: Emily Murray.

3. Recreational Activities

There is so much to do at DVC’s Animal Kingdom Villas! During your vacation, you may want to take a break from the parks. Instead,  you can take advantage of the resort’s pools. The Uzima Springs Pool, at Jambo House, is 11,000-square-feet and features a 67-foot-long waterslide. If the pool isn’t for you, head to the Lion King themed arcade or take a scenic walk from one building to the other.

Uzima Springs Pool. Photo: Emily Murray.

2. Proximity to Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Resort has the closest DVC Villas to Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park. While only bus transportation is offered to this park, it is a very short ride. This makes it easy to head back to the resort when you need a mid-day nap. You could also go to the park in the evening to catch the nighttime offerings after spending your day at the resort.

Tree of Life at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Photo: Emily Murray.

1. The Savannas

Perhaps the most unique aspect of DVC’s Animal Kingdom Villas are the resort’s extensive savannas. There are 11-acres of savanna split into 3 sections around the resort to provide views of some incredible creatures. These savannas are filled with a variety of mammals and birds that are native to African countries. Some of the animals you can view in the resort’s savannas are Ankole cattle, zebra, greater kudu, giraffe, flamingo, and more!

DAKL Somali giraffe
Somali giraffe at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge. Photo: Emily Murray.

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Animal Kingdom Lodge

Animal Kingdom Villas

Featured Photo: Emily Murray.

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