Best Animal Viewing Spots At Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas Resort

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While all DVC resorts are magical, Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas Resort has a little extra magic: animals! This sprawling resort is comprised of two different sections, Jambo House and Kidani Village, each with their own unique savannas. While the most convenient way to view animals at the resort is a DVC Rental with a “Savanna View,” there are plenty of areas to see wildlife throughout the resort.

Types Of Animals

According to the Wildlife Spotting Guide (available via QR code), there are 15 different species of animals on view at the Animal Kingdom Villas Resort. Some of my favorites include two giraffes, flamingoes, okapi, wildebeest and zebra. While most animals can be seen in both sections of the resort, certain animals like the flamingoes have their own habitats. Have questions about the animals around the resort? Keep an eye out for the Animal Guide cast members stationed at the Savanna Overlooks.

Giraffe at Disney's Animal Kingdom Resort
Giraffes are one of the animals you can see at the Animal Kingdom Resort villas.

Sunset Savanna – Kidani Village

The Sunset Savanna is the located at the Kidani Village section of the Animal Kingdom Villas Resort. While beautiful views of this savanna can be seen through the panoramic lobby windows, there are other options for prime animal viewing located around the resort.

The largest overlook at Kidani Village is Kidani Rock, located straight through the lobby on the second floor of the resort. While smaller than the Arusha Rock Overlook at Jambo House, Kidani Rock is a great place to spot giraffes, zebras, and ankole cattle to name a few!

Kidani Library at Kidani Village
Kidani Library at Kidani Village – Disney’s Animal Kingdom Resort

In addition to the central overlook, there are two balconies on each side of the main lobby where the Sunset Savanna animals can be viewed in a more comfortable setting equipped with both shade and rocking chairs. Just inside the eastern balcony is the Kidani Library. This quaint room offers comfortable seating, a small fireplace and large windows that look out onto the Sunset Savanna.

Arusha Savanna – Jambo House

Next door to Kidani Village is Jambo House, home to the Arusha Savanna. The largest animal viewing area of the Arusha Savanna is the Arusha Rock Overlook. You can see breath-taking views of the Savanna and the overlook by simply walking through the the main entrance of the resort. Like it’s smaller counterpart at Kidani Village, it is accessible down the stairs at the far  end of the lobby.

Jambo House Lobby at Disney
Jambo House lobby overlooking the Sunset Savanna at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas Resort

While Arusha Rock is the biggest overlook, the Uzima Overlook, located just past the pool, is my favorite spot to view animals while visiting Jambo House. The views from this overlook are up close and a Cast Member is often available to offer fun animal facts. Did you know there are two different species of giraffes on Disney property and both can be viewed at Animal Kingdom Resort?

Unique Animal Habitats

Flamingo Pond at Disney's Animal Kingdom Villas Resort
Uzima Flamingo Pond at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas Resort

Both Jambo House and Kidani Village have smaller animal habitats that host unique animals. At Jambo House, walk just past the Uzima pool to find a beautiful flamingoes at the Uzima Pond. At Kidani Village, the Pembe Savanna is located near the Samawati Springs Pool area. This Savanna is home to the resort’s okapi population as well as red river hogs and impala.

When In Doubt, Look Out The Window

Window at Disney's Animal Kingdom Resort Villas
View of Sunset Savanna from a window by the elevators at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Resort Villas

At Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas Resort, you never know what will you see when you look out a window. Because animals move freely on the savannas, views from specific locations will change depending on the time of day and even the weather. Take advantage of the extensive windows in the resort hallways, at the elevator lobbies, and while enjoying a meal at the resort restaurants — you might have your best viewing experience yet!

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Samantha Forrest-Carlton

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