The Magical Journey

Published by Rebecca DeBell

I have embarked on another magical journey. Training for another Run Disney race, my first Dopey Challenge. Most people don’t wake up one morning saying “I’m gonna run a 3-4 day race challenge.” It takes a bit of training. The magical journey starts when you sign up for your race. What a journey it is! […]

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Disney’s Early Morning Magic – Best Money You Can Spend at Disney!

Published by Teresa Fernandez

Disney usually requires most families to prioritize and budget….Just getting to Disney is a real struggle and spending extra on add ons sometimes isn’t in the budget. However, if you can squeeze something else into your budget then Early Morning Magic is a must! On a recent summer trip, my family participated in Early Morning […]

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Guided Fishing Excursions – A MAGICAL CATCH!

Published by Susan Morgan

Susan’s Fishing Trip Fishing… at Disney?? Yes, and what a great experience it was. Who would have thought climbing aboard a pontoon boat, and trolling the waterways of Disney would be more exciting than Space Mountain, but it was. It proved to be one of my most memorable and favorite things to do at DisneyWorld. […]

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