Disney Announces 2020 DVC Annual Dues Credit To Be Applied To 2021 Dues

As DVC members are aware, there are annual dues that members pay into in order to maintain the resorts. The membership dues include things such as property taxes, insurance, property maintenance, and the day to day operating costs of the resort.

However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Disney resorts were closed down for portions of the 2020 year. This caused more dues to be collected than was needed to operate. Therefore, DVC will be issuing a credit to DVC owners as a refund for this larger than usual overage. Here is what you can expect from the dues credit. The table shows what amount is being credited for each resort, the rates for 2021, and the net amount owners can expect to pay for their dues next year. You can find a chart detailing the exact credits that will be applied to 2021 annual dues below:


2020 Credit (USD per point) applied to 2021 Due

2020 effective dues (USD per point)

2021 net dues (USD per point) assuming no other credits

Aulani $1.67 $6.66 $6.68
Animal Kingdom $.91 $6.76 $7.16
Bay Lake Tower $.81 $5.77 $6.09
Beach Club Villas $.81 $6.25 $6.63
Boardwalk Villas   $.70 $6.67 $7.11
Boulder Ridge at Wilderness Lodge $.82 $6.96 $7.29
Copper Creek at Wilderness Lodge $.87 $6.58 $6.72
Grand Californian $1.54 $5.06 $5.45
Grand Floridian $.81 $5.75 $6.00
Hilton Head $.75 $8.35 $9.22
Old Key West $.81 $7.02 $7.54
Polynesian Villas & Bungalows $.68 $6.11 $6.37
Riviera Resort $1.70 $6.61 $6.68
Saratoga Springs $.86 $5.91 $6.25
Vero Beach $.25 $9.88 $10.98

It is important to note that Disney owners should not expect a physical check to be dispersed as this will simply be a credit on the account itself for the upcoming year’s dues.

Some members may wonder how Disney determined the credit amount when some DVC resorts were closed for months out of the year. Although guests were not allowed to stay at the resorts, Disney was still having to pay many of the expenses to maintain the properties. These costs include the aforementioned taxes and insurance. Disney Vacation Club also was continuing to pay some of their employee wages during the closures.

If you have previous sold your DVC membership, having paid all of the 2020 dues, and the ownership has transferred to the new buyer, the new owner would be receiving the dues credit for 2021 dues.

Also, owners who purchased points in 2020 may not be eligible for the full credit. Owners who purchased points directly from Disney Vacation Club will receive a pro-rated credit based on when they purchased and how long they owned in 2020.

During the 2020 DVC Condominium Association Meeting it was suggested that those who purchased on the resale market will receive the full amount of credit, regardless of when the ownership was transferred.

Usually any small overage in dues payments are rolled into the following year’s resort budget. However, with this year’s unprecedented closures, owner’s will get an unprecedented refund.

What are your thoughts on the credit being issued? Let us know with a comment below.

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