DVC Annual Condo Association Meeting and News Recap – Live Webinar – 12/14 at 6PM Eastern

DVC Shop goes live Monday, 12/14/2020 at 6pm Eastern time! Follow along with Bee Thaxton and Joe Wolfers as they cover the recent announcements from the condo association meeting including 2020 dues credits, 2021 point charts, and much more DVC news.

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Polynesian Village Construction

Polynesian Village Construction

Polynesian Village has been undergoing some major construction recently to convert the property to a Moana-themed resort. For DVC members, not much will change as the construction is only being done on the hotel side of the resort, so member reservations will not be affected by the on-going construction. The great ceremonial house, trader sam’s and a few other items are still closed during this construction time.

grand floridian walkway and boat service

Grand Floridian Walkway and Boat Service Now Open

The walkway at Grand Floridian is now open to guests. This walkway can be a great alternative to taking the monorail, which can get very packed in the evening. Also, boat service is now back which allows greater flexibility for transportation options at Grand Floridian.

Grand Californian Reopening Delayed again

Grand Californian Reopening Delayed… Again

Disney has announced the reopening of their Grand Californian resort in Souther California would be delayed once more as the state goes back into strict lockdowns. There are no official announcements on when the resort would reopen, but many are optimistic the resort will be reopened in the first quarter of 2021.

2022 DVC Points Charts Released

2022 DVC Points Charts Released

Disney just released the points charts for the 2022 calendar year, which informs members the number of points it will take to book their upcoming vacations. You can read more about the changes and get detailed points charts at the following link: 2022 Disney Vacation Club Points Charts Released – Start Your Vacation Planning Now!

Mickey & Friends replacing clown on keister slide

Mickey & Friends Replacing Clown on Keister Slide

Disney announced that they will be replacing the clown on keister slide at Disney’s BoardWalk Villas with a Mickey & Friends themed facade. Many members and fans alike are anxiously awaiting the remodel, but Disney has not released any mockups or images of what the final product will look like, so we’ll just have to wait and see what the team at Disney dreams up!

saratoga springs refurbishments

Saratoga Springs Refurbishments

The process for refurbishing Saratoga Springs has experience some delays after legal trouble erupted with their original contractor, which lead Disney to switching to a new contractor for the project. You can view some of the progress of the refurbishments at the following link: Refurbishments at Saratoga Springs: Late 2020

Boulder Ridge & Hilton Head Hard Good Refurbishments in 2022Boulder Ridge & Hilton Head Hard Good Refurbishments in 2022

Disney announced that both Boulder Ridge and Hilton Head resorts would be receiving a hard goods refurbishment in 2022. Hard goods can be described as entailing a full refurbishment where they actually remove fixtures, flooring, etc. to refurbish the resort.

Aulani, VGF, Poly, BCV soft goods in next 2 years

Aulani, VGF, Poly, BCV Soft Goods in Next 2 Years

Aulani, VGF, Poly, BCV will all be receiving soft goods refurbishments in the next 2 years. Soft goods include towels, sheets, draperies and other goods. While this doesn’t represent a full refurbishment, the soft goods in each of these 4 resorts will be completely new in the next 2 years.

2021 DVC Annual Dues Main Drivers of Increases2021 DVC Annual Dues Main Drivers of Increases

Disney shared with members some of the projected increased costs for the upcoming 2021 calendar year. These increased expenses include:

  • Increased Reserves for Future Refurbishments
  • New Health & Safety Measures
  • Wage Increases
  • Higher Insurance Expenses for Beach Resorts 

Keep in mind the previously release budgets for 2021 do not include the 2020 credit that was also announced.

2020 dvc dues credits

2020 DVC Annual Dues Credits Announced

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Disney resorts were closed down for portions of the 2020 year. This caused more dues to be collected than was needed to operate. Therefore, DVC will be issuing a credit to DVC owners as a refund for this larger than usual overage.

You can read more about the changes and get a detailed chart that shows the exact dues credits at the following link: 2022 Disney Vacation Club Points Charts Released – Start Your Vacation Planning Now!

No Credit Card Option for Dues Monthly AutopayNo Credit Card Option for Dues Monthly Autopay

Disney also reminded members that the option for paying your annual dues on a credit card would not be available for monthly autopay. Members do have the option of paying the full annual dues amount with a credit card, but monthly autopay will continue to require a US-based checking account.

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