Review of Disneyland’s Holiday Treats – 2023


Christmas at Disneyland is a truly a magical time! During the holidays, Disneyland offers festive entertainment, dining, attractions, and more. While visiting the Happiest Place on Earth, I tried some of the special holiday treats at Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park. Read on for my review of Disneyland’s 2023 Holiday Treats!

Holiday Gray Stuff – Red Rose Taverne

At the Red Rose Taverne, I tried the holiday version of the classic “Gray Stuff” from Beauty and the Beast! This dessert is listed on the menu as “Traditional Grey Stuff with Holiday Sprinkles and a White Chocolate Star”. I thought the Holiday Gray Stuff was both tasty and festive!

Holiday Gray Stuff
Try the Holiday Gray Stuff. Its delicious! Photo: Emily Murray.

Christmas Tree Cone – Cozy Cone Motel

Over at Disney California Adventure, I had to try to Christmas Tree Cone at the Cozy Cone Motel. Located at Cozy Cone 2, this treat is “Peppermint Soft Serve decorated with Holiday Sprinkles”. I absolutely loved the Christmas Tree Cone!

Christmas Tree Cone
I made sure to ask for a cup to put my ice cream in which made it easier to eat! Photo: Emily Murray.

Christmastime Popcorn – Near Haunted Mansion

At the popcorn stand near Haunted Mansion, I found Christmastime Popcorn. This treat is “Freshly popped buttered popcorn served with M&M’S chocolate candies and mini marshmallows”. I mostly enjoyed the combination of sweet and salty in this snack. I would suggest making sure the popcorn has been recently popped before purchasing!

Christmastime Popcorn
Christmastime Popcorn combines sweet and salty. Photo: Emily Murray.

Dulce de Leche Shake – Schmoozies!

The Dulce de Leche shake is one of the holiday offerings at Schmoozies in Disney California Adventure. This beautiful shake comes with “Whipped Topping, Caramel Sauce and Vanilla Crème Cookies”. I really liked this festive shake and would definitely recommend it!

Dulce de Leche shake
Look for this shake in Hollywood Land. Photo: Emily Murray.

Chocolate Cake Snow Globe – Jolly Holiday

Another Holiday dessert I tried was the Chocolate Cake Snow Globe at Jolly Holiday. On the menu this item is described as “Layers of chocolate sponge cake, truffle mousse, and chocolate glaze topped with a buttercream tree, red and white pearls, a chocolate star, and snow powder”. I decided to try this dessert because I thought it looked so cute. When I tried it, I found the taste matched the presentation!

Chocolate Cake Snow Globe
The Chocolate Cake Snow Globe is available till January 9th. Photo: Emily Murray.

Hot Chocolate – Various Locations

Because it was a chilly evening, I also got a cup of hot chocolate to go with my Chocolate Cake Snow Globe. It was a perfect way to end a cold night at Disneyland Park!

Hot Chocolate
At Jolly Holiday, Hot Chocolate is $3.79. Photo: Emily Murray.

Mickey Gingerbread – Various Locations

My absolute favorite holiday treat at Disneyland was the Mickey Gingerbread! This Mickey-shaped cookie is super soft and the perfect amount of gingerbread flavoring. Because this treat is so popular, it can be purchased at several locations including Jolly Holiday, Market House, Red Rose Taverne, Aunt Cass Cafe, Fiddler, Fifer & Practical, and the Grand Californian. I thought this treat was delicious that I even bought one to bring home with me!

Mickey Gingerbread
Mickey Gingerbread Cookies can be mobile ordered at most locations. Photo: Emily Murray.

Which Disneyland Holiday treat would you want to try? Let us know in the comments!

Featured Photo: Emily Murray.

Written by

Emily Murray

Contributing Writer

For as long as Emily can remember, Disney has played a huge role in her life. Her infatuation with Disney resulted in many hours spent rewatching Toy Story and creating multiple powerpoints to convince her parents to book yet another vacation to the “Most Magical Place on Earth”. In 2015, Emily followed one of her dreams and moved to Orlando, Florida where she spent just over five years working for the mouse in three separate roles. Emily is passionate about writing and using words creatively and concisely. She loves to make others laugh and hopes to sprinkle a little bit of magic into everything she does.

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