Kali River Rapids Closing For Refurbishment From January To March

Kali River Rapids

Update: We are excited to announce that Kali River Rapids at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park has reopened over 2 weeks early! Guests can enjoy a thrilling white water rafting adventure once again.

Kali River Rapids in Disney’s Animal Kingdom is closing for refurbishment starting January 9th, 2023. The beloved ride will be closed for a little over three months, with the reopening planned for March 17th, 2023.

So Many Great Attractions At Animal Kingdom

During this time, guests visiting Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park can still enjoy many other attractions and experiences around the park, such as the Expedition Everest rollercoaster attraction, which tops the list of our favorite Disney rollercoasters, and the ever-popular Avatar Flight of Passage attraction, which provides guests an immersive experience with an other-worldly backdrop. From breathtaking live entertainment shows like Festival of the Lion King to unforgettable rides, there’s something for everyone at Animal Kingdom!

What’s Changing With Kali River Rapids At Disney’s Animal Kingdom?

Kali River Rapids will be closing for its annual refurbishment schedule that simply promises regular scheduled maintenance, so once it’s back in March, you can still expect the same Disney attraction you know and love.

Get Your Kali River Rapids Fix Now!

Kali River Rapids will be unavailable to guests during its refurbishment, so now’s the time to visit the attraction if you haven’t had the chance yet on your current Disney trip. Once that famous Kali River Rapids raft drops down from its highest point, it’s highly likely you’ll get you soaked, and with the mid-seventies forecasts for Orlando in January it’s not the craziest idea to some!

Also, it will be many guests last chance to ride Splash Mountain before its permanent closure on January 23rd, 2023 to make way for the new Princess and the Frog theming.

January of 2023 will be many water-ride enthusiasts’ last chance to enjoy these classic rides for a while at Walt Disney World.

What Are Your Thoughts?

So mark your calendars – Kali River Rapids will be closed from January 9th, 2023 until its scheduled reopening on March 17th, 2023. Do you have a Disney trip planned for early 2023 that will be affected by this ride closure? Would you brave being soaked to the bone in late January in Central Florida? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

As with all refurbishments in Disney theme parks reopening dates are subject to change, but if the reopening date changes in the future, we will be sure to keep you up-to-date on the DVC Shop blog. Check back with us periodically to stay in the know for all the latest developments from inside the Disney theme parks that may affect your next Disney trip!

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