How to Find Coin Press Machines On the My Disney Experience App

Disney Pressed Pennies

In today’s technology-driven world, when traveling to Walt Disney World, it is almost essential to download and utilize the many features of the My Disney Experience App. From finding attraction wait times to locating characters to ordering a quick service meal in advance, the My Disney Experience app helps guests navigate their vacation with ease and efficiency.

The My Disney Experience App also comes in handy when you are shopping for keepsakes and souvenirs. Not only are you able to locate gift shops in the parks and resort areas, you may also skip long lines by using Merchandise Mobile Checkout on the app to purchase your items at select gift shops like the Emporium in Magic Kingdom and World of Disney in Disney Springs. And if you are a coin collector, specifically the imprinted pressed coins, you can also use the My Disney Experience App to help you locate the machines in the parks and around the resorts! These machines function by pressing a penny flat and then imprinting a logo or character on the flattened coin.

Disney Coin press machines on Map
With so many coin press machines in Walt Disney World, utilize the My Disney Experience App to find the ones nearest to you!

How To Find Coin Press Machines On The My Disney Experience App

Follow these simple steps to locate the coin press machines on the My Disney Experience App:

Open The My Disney Experience App And Search

Open the My Disney Experience App, and select the search button by pressing the magnifying glass in on the bottom of your screen.

My Disney Experience search
The search is located at the bottom of the screen.

Type in Coin Press Machines in the search box and select from the suggested options below.

Disney Experience Coin Press Search
You can search for most things on the app through this tool.

Explore The Coin Press Interactive Map

Next, select “Find on Map” to display an interactive map.

Disney Coin Press Interactive Map
“Find on Map” button.

Zoom in or out to find the resort location in which you would like to find a coin press machine.

Disney Coin Press Interactive Map
Be sure to look at the map for the park you are visiting.

Press on any of the symbols to indicate the name of the location in which you can find a coin press inside.

Disney Coin Press Map
It can be fun to visit several coin press machines as there are different coin options available.

No Cash, No Problem

If you like the idea of the pressed coins, but don’t usually carry cash or coins, there’s no need to worry with Disney’s new coin press machines. These machines include shiny, new, uncirculated pennies and the fee to operate can be paid in cash or by credit card, Apple Pay, or Google Wallet. They include a touch screen that displays in six different languages and gives guests the opportunity to chose from one all the way up to twelve different designs. It’s never been easier to begin your Disney pressed coin collection!

In honor of Walt Disney World’s 50th anniversary, there are currently 50 different pressed coin designs available across Walt Disney World Resort. Most include the number “50” honoring the resort’s 50 years of operation and a popular character. Guests can find the Fab 5 – Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, and Pluto – among other icons such as Olaf, R2-D2, Orange Bird, and Figment. Gold medallions and personalized tags honoring Walt Disney World’s 50th anniversary are also available for purchase at select coin press machines.

Disney World Coin Press Options
Have fun exploring all the coin press options Disney has to offer!

Next time you visit Walt Disney World, use the My Disney Experience App to help you locate the coin press machines! Do you like to collect coins during your Disney vacation? What do you do with your coins after you return home? Share with us in the comments below.

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