How To Download Photos On The My Disney Experience App

One of Disney’s most convenient services is Disney PhotoPass. With this service, Disney photographers are stationed throughout the parks and resorts to help you capture memories of your vacation. These pictures are linked to your My Disney Experience app via your park ticket, MagicBand, or PhotoPass card. In order to download your favorite vacation photos from the app, you will have to have purchased one of the Memory Maker packages. Whether you have Memory Maker or not, all of your linked photos can be viewed on the My Disney Experience app.

How To Download Your Photos From The My Disney Experience App

Follow these simple steps to save your vacation pictures from the My Disney Experience App:

Locate Your Photos On Your Disney Account

Head to the My Disney Experience app and tap the 3-lined menu button located in the lower right hand corner of your screen.

Menu Button Icon - MDE
Menu Button Icon

Next, click on the “Photos” card.

My Disney Experience Photos Card
My Disney Experience Photos Card

On this page, you will find any photos that have already been linked to your account via your MagicBand or park ticket.

MDE Photos
My Disney Experience Photos Page.

Link Any Other Photos You May Have

Photos that have been linked to your park ticket or MagicBand will automatically appear on your app. If you have received a PhotoPass card, you will have to link it to your My Disney Experience app to see these photos by scanning the code or typing in the card’s number.

Start by clicking on the “Link Photos” button at the top of the photos page.

My Disney Experience Photos
Link other photos from the main photos page.

Next you will select “Scan to Link PhotoPass Card”. Look at the back of the card for the code or ID number.

MDE Photo Scan
You can scan the code on the back of your PhotoPass Card.
MDE PhotoPass Card link
Link PhotoPass Card Photos with PhotoPass ID number.

Link Your Memory Maker Package

To download photos from the My Disney Experience app, you will need to have a Memory Maker package. These photo packages can be purchased before vacation when you book a Walt Disney World stay. You can also purchase Memory Maker in Disney’s gift shops or through the app during your vacation. You will link your Memory Maker by clicking the same “Link” button on the photos page.

MDE Memory Maker link
The Link Memory Maker button is the last option on the Link page.

If you purchase Memory Maker in the park or with your tickets (separate from a resort stay), you will link using the “Ticket or Pass” button. You can scan or enter the code on the pack of your ticket or the Memory Maker card.

MDE Link
Scan or type the code on the back of the card.

If you purchased Memory Maker when you booked your stay at a Disney resort, you will link it using your reservation information.

MDE Photos Link
Enter your reservation information.

Download Your Photos

Next, you will choose the specific photos that you want to download. While there is a way to download all your photos on the web browser version of My Disney Experience, the app only allows you to download one at a time. From the main Photos page, you will select the picture you want to download. The photo will expand to fill the screen. At the bottom of the page, click the “Save” button.

MDE Photos
Save button for individual My Disney Experience photo.

Once you click “Save”, you will be prompted to pick the quality level you wish to download the photo at. Medium or High are the quality options.

MDE Photos
Medium quality photos take up less space and are easier to share.

Find Your Photos In Your Camera Roll

MDE Photos
Saved photo message.

The above message will appear under your selected photo once it has been saved to your mobile device. To locate your saved picture, go to the “Photos” app on your phone. Your downloaded photo will be the most recent picture.

What Is Disney PhotoPass’s Memory Maker?

Memory Maker is a photo package that includes digital downloads of pictures taken by Disney’s photographers during your vacation. In addition to posed photos in front of iconic Disney views, downloads of attraction photos, Magic Shots, and videos come with this package.

How Much Is Memory Maker?

There are two Memory Maker packages available for purchase. Memory Maker One Day includes downloads of all PhotoPass Media taken on one day of your choosing. Standard Memory Maker allows you to download all the photos and videos during your entire vacation. If you purchase standard Memory Maker more than 3 days before your arrival to Disney, the price is lower.

  • Memory Maker One Day: $69.99 
  • Memory Maker – Advance Purchase: $169.00 
  • Memory Maker – $199.00 

Important Things To Know About Downloading PhotoPass Photos

Disney PhotoPass photos expire 45 days after they are taken. Even if you have purchased a Memory Maker package, you will need to download your photos before they expire. After 45 days, your pictures will no longer be available to purchase or download on the My Disney Experience App.

Disney PhotoPass Valentine's Day Button
Be sure to look for special photo opportunities, like this Valentine’s Day button, during your visit.

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