Guide To Introducing Your Children to Disney’s Animal Kingdom Thrill Rides

Walt Disney World is home to so many different types of incredible attractions. From slow moving dark rides like Peter Pan’s Flight to the immersive action packed ones like Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance. There’s something for the whole family, young and old! Some rides, however, might lead to some apprehensive potential riders. The thrill rides of Walt Disney World are exciting experiences for anybody building up the courage to ride them. Younger guests might be scared, but fear not, we are here to help! We have put together a guide to the thrill rides at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, in an attempt to introduce these exhilarating attractions to those who might be intrigued by them.

Animal Kingdom has some WILD thrill rides. Both are on the scarier side, but if your kiddos have braved the other attractions in the other parks, they’ll love what this park has to offer!


DINOSAUR is a journey back to prehistoric times in an attempt to bring back an Iguanodon back to our time! This ride is primarily in the dark, with big Dinosaurs at almost every corner. DINOSAUR features lots of sudden small drops and stops. It’s a true blast from the past! If you and your family are looking to become paleontologists for the day, everyone in you party must be 40 inches or taller.

DINOSAUR. Photo: Emily Murray.

Expedition Everest – Legend of the Forbidden Mountain

Expedition Everest – Legend of the Forbidden Mountain is yet another train themed roller coaster. This ride takes you to the top of a Himalayan mountain where you’ll soon discover you’re not alone! The high energy coaster in the dark with big drops even features a lengthy backwards portion! Towards the end of the ride, you’ll even come face to face with the Yeti who calls this mountain home (Don’t worry, he doesn’t move! … anymore). Before scaling the snowy peaks, families going on this expedition are required to be 44 inches or taller. 

Disney Animal Kingdom Asia
Expedition Everest. Photo: Emily Murray.

The rides at the Walt Disney World resort are all thrilling in their own way. Excitement and joy is sprinkled throughout the entire resort. Whether you’re on a slow moving tour of a Haunted Mansion or your elevator dropping 13 floors at the Hollywood Tower Hotel, there really is something for everybody. I hope this guide brings out the potential thrill seekers in your family and that the smiles on everyone’s faces after the rides is a thrill in and of itself!

Featured Photo: Emily Murray.

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