Jingle Cruise

Best Rides At Disney’s Magic Kingdom For Kids By Age

When Walt Disney first envisioned building a theme park, he wanted it to be a place where families of all ages could have fun together. That vision became reality in both Disneyland and Walt Disney World, where there are a multitude of classic and innovative attractions for the entire family to enjoy. Magic Kingdom, in […]

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Disney World Playground

Top 5 Playgrounds In Disney World

During a long day of being pushed around in a stroller, your little ones might start to get restless. Fortunately, there are playgrounds tucked all around Disney World that are perfect for burning off some of that energy. These play areas offer entertaining equipment and activities, engaging theming and usually a shaded place for you […]

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Disney World Baby Care Center

Must-Do Activities For Baby’s First Visit To Disney World

Your baby’s first trip to Disney World is an enchanting experience, not only for them but for you as well! It is the first time you will see Disney World through their eyes and appreciate the wonder and magic from a whole new perspective. As a parent who has taken both my babies to Disney […]

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Disney Contemporary

How To Have A Magical Day At Disney World For Less Than $100

With the rising costs of goods and services across the globe, many of us are looking to save where we can. Your vacation may be no exception — but even if you are on a budget, there are numerous cost-effective activities and entertainment to be found in Disney World. Read on for some suggestions on […]

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shopDisney Holiday Shop

Holiday Outfits Available On shopDisney

If you’re thinking ahead to the holidays, you might be planning some festive or matching outfits for the season. shopDisney has you covered with a selection of “Fa-La-la Fashions and Accessories” for the holidays! Check out some of their current offerings below (please note availability and pricing may change). Spirit Jerseys If you want to […]

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Disney World Tron

10 Things To Expect During Your 2023 Disney World Trip

Though it is hard to believe, 2023 is less than two months away! If you have a Disney World trip planned for next year, there are a few items you’ll want to keep in mind while planning your vacation experience. Check out our list of ten things to expect during your 2023 Disney World trip. […]

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Tips For Surviving Disney With Babies And Toddlers

The holiday season is fast approaching, and with it comes a very busy time in Disney World. The parks typically see significant crowds during this time of year; but a busy day can still be manageable and indeed, enjoyable with a bit of planning. If you will be visiting Disney World with small children during […]

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Doc McStuffins

The Best Disney World Restaurants For Toddlers

If you will be visiting Disney World with your toddler, you might be wondering where to book your dining reservations. With little ones there are always extra considerations when planning for meals, including convenience, food options and cost.  As would be expected, Disney World has a number of restaurants that are perfect for dining with […]

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Disney Gift Card

Unique Ways To Spend Your Disney Gift Card

If you’ve ever been the lucky recipient of a Disney gift card, you might have wondered where you should spend it. There are many unique and entertaining ways you can use your Disney gift card that you might not know about! Read on for some ideas. Disney Outlet Stores If you want to stretch your […]

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Magic Kingdom Casey's Corner

Disney World’s Most Budget-Friendly Quick Service Meals

For most vacationers, budget is a factor when planning for a trip. A Disney World vacation is no exception, where costs can certainly add up quickly!  A significant vacation expense is food. Planning ahead for your meals and knowing what to expect for cost can help you set a realistic and manageable budget. To help […]

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