Planning The Perfect EPCOT Date Night

Just as Disney World can provide unforgettable and enchanting experiences for families and individuals of all ages, it can also be the perfect location for a romantic date night. EPCOT in particular has a wealth of experiences, activities and restaurants that are ideal for couples to enjoy together. 

Check out our suggestions for planning your next date night at EPCOT!

Enjoy Fantastic Dining

In my humble opinion, EPCOT is the dining capital of Disney World. With so many cultures, cooking styles and themes represented, you can find almost anything your palate desires in one of EPCOT’s many eateries.

If you are looking for a romantic dinner location, look no further:

  • Le Cellier Steakhouse in the Canada Pavilion provides a cozy and romantic château setting in which to share steak, seafood, delicious enhancements and artful desserts. 
  • Monsieur Paul in the France Pavilion is a signature fine dining experience devoted to the art of “eating and drinking well.” The prix fixe menu features a French gastronomic experience, complete with an elegant ambiance and view of the pavilion. 
  • Takumi-Tei in the Japan Pavilion allows guests the chance to experience the art of Japanese cuisine and dine on an “omakase” menu in serene-yet-ornate dining rooms. 
  • Via Napoli Ristorante e Pizzeria in the Italy Pavilion is a great option for a more casual meal with consistently good reviews. The specialty or classic pizzas are great for sharing. 
Canada EPCOT
Enjoy Canadian cuisine under stone archways and flickering candlelight at Le Cellier Steakhouse. Photo: Emily Murray

Or…Snack Your Way Around The World! 

EPCOT is home to several festivals throughout the year, all of which feature special food offerings. The Food & Wine Festival and Festival of the Arts are particular foodie favorites, but the Flower & Garden Festival and Festival of the Holidays have plenty of unique fare to enjoy as well. Any of the festivals are a great option for a date night. 

If you’re up for a culinary tour around EPCOT, skip the dinner reservations and enjoy trying small dishes at the booths all around the park together!

EPCOT Food and Wine
Enjoy a stroll around EPCOT together as you discover new festival favorites. Photo: Emily Murray.

Learn Something New Together

You can always find unique cultural and educational experiences in EPCOT, especially within the World Showcase. Visit some (or all!) of the following during your date night:

  • Stave Church Gallery in the Norway Pavilion 
  • Reflections of China in the China Pavilion 
  • American Heritage Gallery in the American Adventure Pavilion 
  • Bijutsu-kan Gallery in the Japan Pavilion 
  • Canada Far and Wide in Circle-Vision 360 in the Canada Pavilion
  • Impressions de France in the France Pavilion
  • Watch incredible artists in action at Festival of the Arts
  • During the Flower & Garden Festival, visit one of the garden displays and learn about pollinators, biodiversity, songbirds, communal gardening and more
Norway Disney
You can learn about Viking lore and more during your visit to EPCOT. Photo: Emily Murray.

Enjoy The Fireworks

Because EPCOT’s evening fireworks spectacular takes place over World Showcase Lagoon, you can usually find a spot around the World Showcase to watch the show without too much trouble; but be sure to stake out your spot early for prime viewing. 

The current fireworks show is the limited-time “EPCOT Forever” spectacular, paying tribute to the past, present and future of the park. For a particularly romantic setting to watch the fireworks, head to the Japan Pavilion, the American Adventure Pavilion, the bridge at the Italy Pavilion, or the International Gateway Bridge.

EPCOT Fireworks
The fireworks spectacular at EPCOT is the perfect way to end your date night. Photo: Disney.

Share your EPCOT date night recommendations with us in the comments! 

Featured photo by Emily Murray.

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Leia Cullen

Leia is a proud mom of two boys. She has been in love with Disneyland and Disney World since her first visit to the parks many years ago, and she continues to relive the magic now with her family. She is passionate about creating helpful content that shares news or information about all things Disney, in the hopes it helps others create their own magical moments.

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