A Closer Look At EPCOT’s Japan Pavilion


Across EPCOT’s World Showcase neighborhood, you can immerse yourself in the stunning scenery and authentic details of 11 different country pavilions. Learn about each country’s culture and history while enjoying shopping, dining and entertainment.

EPCOT’s Japan Pavilion

Today we’re taking a closer look at the Japan Pavilion. Located between the Morocco Pavilion and the American Adventure Pavilion, the Japan Pavilion features stately architecture, numerous dining locations, great shopping and beautiful scenery. As you first enter the pavilion you will notice the torii gate (a traditional Japanese gate that symbolizes entry into sacred ground) standing on the shores of the World Showcase Lagoon. 

The stunning torii gate in the Japan Pavilion offers a picture-perfect view of Spaceship Earth and the World Showcase Lagoon. Photo by Josie x (CC BY 2.0).

As you further explore the pavilion, you’ll notice the beautiful landscaping featuring Japanese maples, bamboo plants and a serene koi pond. 

The Japan Pavilion offers hidden corners to explore with beautiful landscaping. Photo by Steven Miller (CC BY 2.0).


  • Mitsukoshi Department Store is perhaps the best shop in the World Showcase for finding gifts and souvenirs. This expansive shop offers authentic and traditional Japanese souvenirs (such as dishes, kimonos, origami, artwork and figurines), pop culture merchandise, snacks, plush, toys, clothing, accessories, home goods and much more. There is also a sake bar which offers samples and a variety of sakes for purchase. Previously, Mitsukoshi also offered a “pick a pearl” experience which has not returned as of this time. 
EPCOT Japan Store
Mitsukoshi offers an extensive selection of Japanese gifts and souvenirs. Photo by Steven Miller (CC BY 2.0).


Quick Service

Kabuki Cafe is a kiosk-style quick service location offering sushi, kakigōri, snacks and assorted beverages. The “Kirin Frozen” is a popular and refreshing beer with frozen foam on top.

Garden House is a great place to pick up a quick beverage such as soda, beer, plum wine or sake. 

Katsura Grill offers lunch and dinner. The menu features sushi, ramen, udon, salads, teriyaki, sides and beverages. Grab a seat at a shaded outdoor table with a view of the gardens for a peaceful and relaxing meal.

Table Service

For an entertaining and tasty hibachi meal, head over to Teppan Edo. Teppan chefs cook Japanese fare tableside. Entree options include steaks, seafood and chicken. Sushi is also available. 

Tokyo Dining is currently closed through summer 2023 for refurbishment. This restaurant offers udon, tempura, sushi rolls, nigiri and more. And don’t forget about dessert! Matcha Tiramisu, Yuzu mousse cake or chocolate ginger cake bring a tasty Japanese twist to familiar desserts.

For the ultimate fine dining experience, Takumi-Tei offers artful Japanese cuisine in an elegantly decorated setting. Diners will experience an exquisite “omakase” menu (either omnivorous or plant-based) that features multiple courses, drawing on nature for inspiration. Each expertly-crafted dish features authentic Japanese flavors with a visually stunning presentation. 

Experience the artistry of Japanese cuisine at Takumi-Tei. Photo by Disney Parks.


The Bijutsu-kan Gallery houses the “Kawaii: Japan’s Cute Culture” exhibit, which showcases the art and lifestyle of the Kawaii pop culture phenomenon. It’s also a great place to take a little break in the air conditioning!

The Bijutsu-kan Gallery offers a glimpse into Japanese culture. Photo by Chris Favero (CC BY-SA 2.0).


Catch live performances of Matsuriza, a group of traditional Japanese drummers, outside of the tall pagoda building. The theatrical and rhythmic sounds of the Japanese Taiko drums are captivating and entertaining. Be sure to check the My Disney Experience app for showtimes. 

Be sure to catch one of the performances of Matsuriza. Photo by Disney.

Kidcot Fun Stops offer kids the chance to pick up a fun activity/souvenir from each country’s pavilion. Japan’s Kidcot Stop is located by the entrance to Bijutsu-kan Gallery and Mitsukoshi (towards the back of the pavilion). 

Did You Know?

The tall pagoda building featuring blue roofs is a replica of the Hōryū-ji Temple in Ikaruga, Japan.

Take in the stunning architectural details in the Japan Pavilion. Photo by Christopher Donoso (CC BY 2.0).

Featured photo by Eden, Janine and Jim (CC BY 2.0).

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