Guide To The Ultimate Day At DVC’s Boardwalk Inn


The Boardwalk Inn is one of many DVC Vacation Club Resorts on Disney property. This Deluxe Resort takes you back to the turn of the century Atlantic City and brings you many unique offerings for fun and relaxation. As soon as you pull into The Boardwalk Resort, the Archway of the sign welcomes you with warm lights, and the Valet makes sure you are taken care of if you need to park your car. So, let us get started on your ultimate day at DVC’s Boardwalk Inn!


Make your way over to the newest cafe at The Boardwalk, called Carousel Coffee. It’s a cute little shop serving up delicious coffee ranging from cold brew, espresso, to even blended coffees. Fresh pastries are served up if you want a quick breakfast or snack for later. There is something for everyone!

After you grab your coffee, let’s make our way to the Boardwalk where you can find many tables and chairs with a wonderful view of Crescent Lake. Sip your coffee and breathe the fresh air as you watch the boat sail across the water. You could even take a breakfast stroll around the boardwalk and take a look in the art gallery or do a little shopping at the gift shop. 

After your morning coffee, it’s time to go play some morning Tennis or Pickleball. Grab your partner or some friends and take advantage of the courts located near Community Hall.

Carousel Coffee. Photo: Disney.


Whew, that was an amazing morning! I guarantee you are going to be hungry for some good lunch. You are going to have some great options. You can pick between The Boardwalk Deli who serves up some amazing sandwiches or you can get some Pizza at the Pizza Window; but if you want to sit down for a meal, go ahead and head on over to Big River Grille and Brewing Works for a meal and some good beer from this microbrewery. 

BoardWalk Deli.
BoardWalk Deli. Photo: Emily Murray.

Now that you have a full belly, it’s time to some midday relaxing. Whether you brought swimsuits or need to buy one from the gift shop, we are going to relax by the pool and soak up some sun. Heading down to the Luna Park Pool or the 2 Leisure Pools, you are sure to have a blast. You can even go to the nearby bar to grab yourself a drink at Leaping Horse Libations or grab a refreshing ice cream from Boardwalk Ice Cream!

If you are like me, I relax so much at the pool that I need to go take a nap! Nothing is better on a resort day than heading up to your room for a good nap after a morning and afternoon of activities. 

BoardWalk Ice Cream
BoardWalk Ice Cream. Photo: Emily Murray.


After waking up from your nap and the sun is about to go down, your stomach is surely growling and it’s time for dinner. You have a couple of options for dinner. First, you have Trattoria al Forno which serves up some amazing Italian food. Second, you can head on over to Flying Fish which has some amazing seafood dishes. You can’t go wrong in your decision! Leaving dinner, I’m sure you’re looking for something to do next. If you ate dinner a little earlier and are done by 7 o’clock, you can go watch a movie under the stars. Head on over to the Village Green for a complimentary movie screening. 

Im sure you enjoyed that Disney film that you just watched but you might be thinking about an after dinner cocktail or mock-tail. The Abracadabar which is fun and magical or the Belle Vue Lounge which is relaxing and chill, both serve up some fantastic drinks in two completely different settings.

Atlantic Dance Hall
Atlantic Dance Hall. Photo: Emily Murray.

Now the evening is coming to a close but you aren’t quite ready to to bed yet. I have the places for you! Atlantic Dance Hall or Jellyrolls are 21 and over night entertainments for those late nights. You can dance the night away or sit back and listen to some piano music while the night slowly ends. 

Well, what do you think? This day at DVC Boardwalk Resort was the ultimate resort day! Let me know your thoughts or suggestions in the comments below.

Featured Photo: Emily Murray.

Written by

Cheyenne Holland

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