Complete Guide To Proposing At Disney World

Disney Proposal

So, you finally found the one. This person lights up your world and has assured you that he/she is who you want to spend the rest of your life with. Now comes the most important part, where should you propose?

Walt Disney World is a great location for couples. Whether you’re on your honeymoon, celebrating an anniversary, or more importantly, planning a proposal, this is the place to be! In this article, we will be sharing the most picturesque, scenic locations in Walt Disney World, to pop the question. We will also give some tips on how to make this special moment memorable. Let’s get started!


Dock at The Grand Floridian

Sitting on Seven Seas lagoon, this boat dock is the perfect spot to propose. Although it is a spot for the boats to take you to Magic Kingdom, if you propose at night, 1-2 hours before park closing, this makes for an excellent location. Why? For three reasons. 1) Serene- this location is calm and picturesque. You have the view of the peaceful lagoon, as well as the aesthetic gazebo of the boat dock. This is a superb spot to propose whether at sunset or at night. 2) Fireworks! If you plan accordingly, you can approach the boat dock when the Magic Kingdom firework show begins, which will make for a sweet and romantic moment. 3) Private. Most guests will be at the Disney parks or eating at the Grand Floridian restaurants, so this area tends to be quieter and more private. It will be easier and stress-free to propose at a spot where it is just the two of you and not a crowd of people. Did I also mention it’s free? That’s certainly another plus!

Grand Floridian
Grand Floridian is very picturesque! Photo: Emily Murray.

Capa at Four Seasons

If you are looking for a more high-end experience, I would suggest booking a reservation at Capa, a Spanish-inspired restaurant on the 17th floor of the Four Seasons resort. This restaurant has three E’s: exquisite, elegant, and expensive. However, considering the occasion it’s a great and different spot to propose to your loved one. The restaurant also has an outside terrace that has an enormous firework viewing area. Dinner and then proposing on the terrace, is a great idea. I’m sure your partner will never forget that intimate and special moment.

Capa Four Seasons
This high-end restaurant is a beautiful location to ask a very special question. Photo: Four Seasons.

Be Our Guest Mural

If you plan to propose at a Disney Park, Magic Kingdom tends to be the most romantic and the highest contender. A cool spot would be in front of the stained-glass mural of Beauty and the Beast, inside Be Our Guest restaurant. A good option would be to have lunch or dinner and then propose in front of this spectacular painting.  I would recommend calling Disney dining reservations to prepare them of your plans before your vacation or alert a cast member the day of, to have them chime in on the celebration and help you capture a magical picture in front of the mural, without guests in the way.

Be Our Guest Proposal
This couple chose a great spot to pop the question! Photo: Disney Weddings.

Tips For Photos

I highly encourage you to buy Memory maker (professional Disney photos) during your visit. Before your trip, I suggest you download the My Disney Experience app so you can locate on the map where all the Disney Photo pass locations are. That way you know where to go the day you propose and it’s less worrying for you. Additionally, if you decide to propose in Magic Kingdom, you have the option of purchasing and booking a “Capture your moment.” This is a personalized service in which you get 20 minutes to take photos in 2 Magic Kingdom photo locations, which you can choose. You can increase your time interval, but keep in mind for each 20-minute session, it is $99. You can book 60 days in advance on the Disney website.

Disney Photopass Photographer
Disney Photopass Photographers can help you take your proposal photos!

Tips Before You Pop The Question

I would suggest getting engaged at the beginning of your trip. That way the stress is gone, and you get to relax and fully enjoy your vacation. Also, you would get the perks of wearing a free “Just Engaged” button for the remainder of your trip. Another tip: Don’t propose during fireworks. I think many people assume proposing in front of a full firework show is romantic and while to a certain extent it is, I would recommend not to as the area tends to get more crowded and it’s dark. A tip before you propose: Say you need to go to the bathroom, retrieve the ring and then hide it somewhere where it’s more accessible to you, preferably in a pocket. Remember, only do this the minutes before you pop the question. Don’t do it early on as it increases the chances of having your significant other see/find the ring and ruin the surprise.

Magic Kingdom Proposal
Magic Kingdom is a stunning park for pictures after a proposal. Photo: Emily Murray

Being in love is a wonderful feeling and it is more pleasing to have someone return that love and affection. When you decide to spend forever with your love, Disney World is the best location to ask them! I hope my tips and advice help you, dear reader, plan the perfect proposal. May your love last indefinitely!

Featured photo: Emily Murray.

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Maria Mora

For as long as Maria can remember, there was always a Disney movie playing in her house. Whether it was The Little Mermaid, Dumbo, or Tarzan, she became enthralled with all things Disney. She has visited the Disney Parks over 100 times and on different continents! Her love of Disney goes hand in hand with her love of reading, which has motivated her through the years to become a zealous writer. She hopes that whatever she does helps her community. After all, with a little faith, trust, and pixie dust, anything is possible!

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