Biometric Finger Scans Return To Disney World

Animal Kingdom Disney Park Entrance

We’ve watched the Disney Parks slowly and steadily return to pre-Covid norms with the return of character experiences, more dining locations reopening and special events making their way back. Usually the return of these experiences and attractions are welcomed by park visitors. This week, however, marked the return of something that I doubt many park visitors had missed, biometric finger scans at the park gates.

Yes, you remember that little metal and glass scanner where you had to place your finger (which finger? I don’t remember!) in order to enter the parks. When Disney reopened in July 2020 after being closed due to COVID-19 there were many changes made to the parks to limit touch points as much as possible. This included the use of the finger scanners at the parks entry gates. These biometric finger scanners were no where to be seen when the parks reopened, but as of yesterday they have returned to the Disney World Parks.

Animal Kingdom is the first park to start using the finger scanners at their entry gates once again. Disney’s Blizzard Beach has also started using the scanners. It is safe to assume that we’ll be seeing the finger scanners back at all of the Disney Parks fairly soon.

To enter the park, guests will have to scan their park ticket, phone or Magic Band¬†then place their finger on the finger pad for a quick scan. Once the system matches your finger to your pass you’ll be granted entry to the park.

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DVC Shop Editorial Team

DVC Shop Editorial Team

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