More Princess Character Meet And Greets Back In Epcot

More Princess Character Meet And Greets Back In Epcot

For those who love seeing their favorite characters while visiting the Disney parks, we have great news. Snow White, Aurora, and Belle character meet and greets are back in Epcot! All of the princesses can be found in the World Showcase. Belle and Aurora are located at the France Pavilion, while Snow White is greeting guests in the Germany Pavilion.

Since the Disney parks’ reopening, all character meet and greets have been socially distanced for safety purposes. For the Disney princesses in Walt Disney World, majority of these character interactions have been done in the cavalcades. Aurora, Snow White, and Belle were previously only seen in the Princess Promenade in Epcot, but now guests can enjoy more quality time with three of the most classic Disney princesses.

Belle character meet and greet in Epcot
Belle character meet and greet in Epcot

Aurora and Belle can now be seen posing for socially distanced pictures and chatting with guests. This has traditionally been the area that Belle would appear in Epcot for her meet and greets, but this is a new location for Princess Aurora to be appearing.

Guests’ photos with these princesses are sure to be spectacular, with the World Showcase Lagoon and Spaceship Earth in the background.


Princess Aurora posing in Epcot
Princess Aurora posing in Epcot

For those looking to spend some quality time with Snow White in the Germany Pavilion, she can be found by her famous wishing well.

Snow White’s character meet and greet area is surrounded by flower pots to help maintain social distancing, but guests are still able to get close enough for some playful banter.

This is one of the first times guests have been able to interact with the Disney princesses since the Princess Promenade ended and this may also point to more princess meet and greets returning in the near future.

Have you been able to enjoy a socially distanced meet and greet with some Disney Princesses in Epcot? Is greeting characters a highlight of your park visits? Let us know in the comments below!

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