A Guide To An Allergy Friendly Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party

Disney's Halloween Party

Disney’s reputation for its food allergy awareness is remarkable. Extending their dedication to guests from their resorts to their quick-service venues. They are devoted to assisting guests and connecting them with knowledgeable chefs for all their dietary needs. This commitment to a guest’s well-being is further demonstrated in events like Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party. For those attending the event with allergies, this guide will help you navigate the event so that it is safe and magical.

The Beginning Of The Party

Upon entering the Magic Kingdom, each attendee receives a trick-or-treat bag. While the standard bag is easily accessible throughout the park, the allergy-friendly bag is provided exclusively upon request. Easily identifiable by its teal color, this special bag notifies cast members of your specific dietary requirements so that you may continue to immerse yourself in the trick-or-treat festivities. The design of the teal bag also places an emphasis on preventing cross-contamination. Typically, these allergy-friendly bags can be obtained at the trick-or-treat location on the path next to Tony’s Town Square Restaurant or through Tomorrowland Terrace, they may also be available at the dedicated allergy centers.

Disney Halloween Party
Get your teal allergy treat bag at the bypass by Tony’s Town Square Restaurant. Photo: Emily Murray.
Once you are equipped with your bag, you’re free to go through any of the designated trick-or-treat locations. These spots are marked on the party map with an orange lollipop icon. At each of these locations, barrels of candy are ready to be placed into the standard trick-or-treat bags. However, for those with allergies, the experience is a bit different. Instead of traditional candy, allergy-friendly bags receive teal tokens at each location. In case a cast member doesn’t immediately notice the teal bag, a simple notification will alert them to provide the tokens or guide you to where they can be obtained.

Turning In Tokens For Allergy-Friendly Candy

As the party progresses, or upon its conclusion, these tokens can be exchanged for allergen-friendly candy. Redemption stations are conveniently located and can be found in locations, such as Liberty Square next to the Hall of Presidents, or the Main Street Chamber of Commerce as you exit the Magic Kingdom. These stations stand out during the party with their teal “Allergy Friendly Center” signs adorned with a pumpkin. You’re encouraged to visit these stations and redeem tokens as frequently as desired throughout the night. Cast members at each redemption location can provide visual references for each candy item, showing the ingredient list in full, as well as major allergens that are not present.

Disney Halloween Party Cast Member
Look for cast members at treat locations to trade in your tokens! Photo: Emily Murray.

Allergen-Safe Candy Offerings

Allergen-safe candy is provided by various companies including Enjoy Life. The offerings showcase an array of options such as allergen-safe chocolate bars, gummies, sunflower butter cups, and Werther’s Original. The tokens you receive can be exchanged for candy that aligns with your allergy requirements. Alternatively, if you’re not a fan of candy, you can inquire with a cast member about available crafts.

Disney World Mickey Jack-O-Lantern
Disney World Mickey Jack-O-Lantern. Photo: Emily Murray.
Disney’s commitment to creating inclusive and accommodating events is unmistakable in their meticulous attention to detail and their thoughtful approach to addressing food allergies. Attendees can fully immerse themselves in the enchantment of Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party, experiencing a genuine sense of ease, knowing that their dietary needs are thoughtfully catered to. Furthermore, they can engage in the joyous tradition of trick-or-treating in the enchanting atmosphere of the Magic Kingdom, savoring candies that have been thoughtfully selected to align with their safety and preferences.

Have you ever tried the allergy-friendly treats at Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween party? Let us know in the comments!

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