5 Behind-The-Scenes Tours at Walt Disney World

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At Walt Disney World Resort there is a lot to do- between the 4 parks, 2 water parks, and Disney Springs, the adventure truly awaits. But if you’re looking to kick it up a notch for your next trip, there are quite a few behind-the-scenes tours available for guests to explore the parks in a way they never have before!

Disney’s Keys to the Kingdom Tour

Starting at $129 and up per person, the Keys to the Kingdom Tour is a 5-hour long behind-the-scenes tour of the Magic Kingdom. Guests will explore places like the Utilidor, a tunnel system located below the park. Other details of this tour include information regarding various attractions, an understanding of Walt’s ideas and visions, unique trivia, and more! Lunch is included with this tour as well as the opportunity to ride a couple of attractions. Guests will also go home with a keepsake item!

Magic Kingdom Train Station
Magic Kingdom Train Station. Photo: Emily Murray

Wild Africa Trek

Animal Kingdom provides an exceptionally immersive experience with its Wild Africa Trek. This 3-hour guided tour brings guests on an excursion- starting on foot, you get to explore animal exhibits and cross bridges over crocodiles. This is followed up with a private safari truck excursion through the Harambe Reserve with a close-up view of the beautiful animals that live there. This unique experience truly showcases Disney’s conservation efforts while giving guests a fun opportunity. The tour is $219 per person and includes photos taken throughout as well as lunch!

Wild Africa Trek
Wild Africa Trek. Photo: Bobby Asen.

EPCOT Seas Adventure- Dolphins in Depth

At the Seas with Nemo and Friends Pavilion, another adventure can be had- a 2-hour Dolphins in Depth experience! Guests will be able to learn about the dolphin program, which includes exploring the backstage area and talking to Disney’s dolphin experts. They’ll also have 30 minutes to interact with dolphins in the water- so bathing suits are required! This tour is $209 per person.

Seas with Nemo and Friends
Seas with Nemo and Friends. Photo: Emily Murray.

Caring for Giants

For $39 per person, Animal Kingdom offers a 60-minute observation of the African elephant herd. Led by a guide who provides knowledge of how these animals are cared for, guests will be able to view the elephants from 80 to 100 feet away! And if you’d prefer to see rhinos, a similar experience is available for $49 per person with Animal Kingdom’s white rhinos. Both of these tours are outdoor, so make sure to dress appropriately!

Elephants at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Photo: Disney.

Behind the Seeds

Last but certainly not least is the Behind the Seeds tour at EPCOT. Located at the Land Pavilion, this tour dives deep into the agricultural advances shown throughout the Living with the Land attraction. For $39 to $45 per person, guests will go on a 60-minute walk through Disney’s greenhouses and fish farm, learning about the various gardening techniques used at Walt Disney World.

Living with the Land - Epcot
Living With The Land.

Other Tours

If none of these pique your interest, don’t worry- there are many more options offered by Walt Disney World Resort! From after-dark safaris to surfing sessions, there is something for everyone. And if you’re looking for something extra special Disney even offers Private VIP tours. These tours can span across multiple parks and multiple days, providing guests with a one-on-one experience and special Lightening Lane access to various attractions. These tours cost anywhere from $450 to $900 per hour, however.

Featured Image: Emily Murray.

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