The Best Buffets at Walt Disney World

Mickey Waffles

Let’s be honest with ourselves. A big draw to Walt Disney World is the incredible food that can be found all over the resort! I sometimes make a day trip to the parks just for a specific food item! Whether it’s in the Hotels or the Parks, you can find a wide assortment of different types of foods, spanning multiple styles and cultures! The best place to enjoy this food you’re probably craving at this very moment, is at Disney’s plentiful Buffets and Family Style Restaurants. I’m going to give you a rundown of some of the best buffets you can find at Walt Disney World, I can hear your stomach growling so I’ll get on with it!

Chef Mickey’s – Disney’s Contemporary Resort

I have to start with the buffet that holds a special spot in my heart, Chef Mickey’s! Located in the Contemporary, Chef Mickey’s has your typical variety of breakfast and dinner foods. During breakfast you can find your bacon, eggs, and of course, Mickey Waffles! No Disney vacation Breakfast is complete without Mickey Waffles. Dinner time will serve up an assortment of baked mac and cheese, NY Strip Loin, Vegetable Stiry Fry Noodles, and more! If you loved your meal and want to pay compliments to the chef, Mickey and his pals come out in chef attire, taking picture with guests dining! I highly recommend this if you have young children, or even picky eaters since there’s a lot of safe choices at this buffet!

Disney's Chef Mickey's
Meet classic Disney characters while you enjoy breakfast at Chef Mickey’s!

Boma – Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge

In my experience, when you ask someone what the very best buffet is at Walt Disney World, seasoned guests are going to say Boma every time. And who can blame them? At Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge, on the Jambo House side, you’ll find a buffet that showcases foods from 50 African Countries, as well as some American selections if your tastebuds aren’t as adventurous as the rest of your party. In the morning for breakfast you’l have your classic pancakes and waffles, accompanied by bacon, sausages, and sticky buns! Now, dinner is where Boma really shines. Pita, Lamb Bobotie, Durban Chicken, Moroccan Harira, it’d be impossible to list every item that you have to try! But, if you’re like me, you didn’t go for just dinner food. You went for the Zebra Domes, a true stand out desert. Can you get them elsewhere in the hotel? Yes, but buffets are all you can eat, and I take that literally!

Boma Flavors of Africa
Boma Flavors of Africa. Photo: Disney.

Biergarten – EPCOT

If you’ve ever wanted to celebrate Oktoberfest, at any time of the year, Biergarten is the place to be. Quite possibly the prettiest buffet in all of Walt Disney World, as the inside of this buffet is themed to look like an outdoor moonlit festival! Now to start, you need a liter of the ch√∂fferhofer Grapefruit Hefeweizen. Grapefruit might raise a red flag or two, but trust me, it’s the best beer to compliment your meal at Biergarten. With an assortment of German foods from schnitzel to sausage, you’re going to want to go back for seconds and even thirds! One of the most fun parts about Biergarten? A live band playing, which really brings the whole Oktoberfest atmosphere to life. Not only is it one of the best buffets, it’s also the most fun!

Biergarten is located in the Germany Pavilion. Photo: Emily Murray.

What is your favorite buffet at Disney World? Let us know in the comments!

Featured Photo: Emily Murray.

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