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Sommerfest EPCOT

Try German snacks, like a Bratwurst or jumbo-pretzel, at Sommerfest in EPCOT.

Sommerfest Details

Walt Disney World Park: EPCOT
Location in Park: World Showcase – Germany
Dining Experience: Quick Service
Hours: 12:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Price Range: $14.99 and under
Type of Cuisine: German
Mobile Order: Yes
Reservations: No
Allergy-Friendly: No
Sommerfest EPCOT
Order traditional German snacks from the Sommerfest window.


If you want to try German food while traveling around the World Showcase, be sure to make a stop at Sommerfest. This quick service stand is located right next to the Biergarten entrance in the German pavilion. You can walk up to the ordering windows or use mobile ordering on the My Disney Experience app.

Sommerfest EPCOT
Biergarten entrance is to the left of the Sommerfest entrance.

Sommerfest is a great spot to get a quick bite or small taste of traditional German snacks. On the menu, you will find bratwursts with sauerkraut served on a freshly baked roll. The Sommerfest Bratwurst comes with house made paprika chips. If you are looking for a plant-based snack, try the jumbo pretzel.

Along with these snacks, those over 21 can get beer from Germany at Sommerfest. Beck’s Pilsner and Warsteiner Dunkel are both available in a souvenir stein. Schöfferhofer Pink Grapefruit Hefeweizen is a very refreshing adult beverage that is ideal for a hot day at EPCOT.

Sommerfest EPCOT
Enjoy a jumbo pretzel or Bratwurst at one of the many tables near Sommerfest.



Bratwurst – $10.79

  • Served on a Freshly Baked Roll with Sauerkraut and House-made Paprika Chips


Pretzel Bread Pudding – $4.79


Jumbo Pretzel – $10.29

  • Plant-Based
Sommerfest EPCOT
Sommerfest Menu


Beck’s Pilsner with Souvenir Stein – $14.50

  • 16-oz Draft – German Pilsner-style Lager, with a full bodied taste, fresh hoppy bouquet, golden color, and full rich foam head

Beck’s Pilsner – $10.25

  • 20-oz Draft – German Pilsner-style Lager with a full-bodied taste, fresh hoppy bouquet, golden color, and full rich foam head

Warsteiner Dunkel with Souvenir Stein – $14.50

  • 16-oz Draft – Classic German-style dark pilsner that has a deep chestnut brown hue with a smooth, toasty malt flavor and mocha aromas

Warsteiner Dunkel – $10.25

  • 20-oz Draft – Classic German-style Dark Pilsner that has a deep chestnut brown hue with a smooth, toasty malt flavor, and mocha aromas

Schöfferhofer Pink Grapefruit Hefeweizen – $10.25

  • 20-oz Draft – Easy and refreshing with light notes of citrus and spice with low bitterness

Redbridge Lager – $9.00

  • 12-oz Bottle – Redbridge is a Sorghum/Gluten-friendly Beer with a distinctively fruity hop aroma, a sweet toasted grain flavor, and a well-balanced moderately-hopped finish


August Kesseler Pinot Noir Spätburgunder, Rheingau – $12.00

  • 5-oz Pour – Delicate, fine, light in style, and well-structured with nice cherry flavors, a hint of black currant, and plenty of spice

J & H Selbach-Oster ‘Red Label’ Riesling, Mosel – $12.00

  • 5-oz Pour – Crisp aromas of lemon, white peach, and melon with a hint of mineral on the palate


Sommerfest on Disney World Map


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