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Disneyland Small World Holiday

The happiest cruise that ever sailed on got much merrier on “it’s a small world” Holiday at Disneyland

“it’s a small world” Holiday Details

Disneyland Resort Park Disneyland
Location in Park Fantasyland
Height Restrictions Any height
Age Interests Preschoolers, Kids, Tweens, and Teens
Thrill Type Slow ride, water ride, loud
Hours Park open to park close
Wait Times Average of 30 minutes
Genie+ Yes
Accessibility Information Must Transfer from Wheelchair/ECV
"it's a small world" Holiday carolers, photo by Bobby Asen
“it’s a small world” Holiday carolers, photo by Bobby Asen

Attraction Overview

During the winter, “it’s a small world” transforms into a celebration of winter holidays happening worldwide! Instead of only hearing the iconic “It’s a Small World (After All)” you will listen to a mash-up with the medley and chorus to “Jingle Bells” and “Deck The Halls”. Not only does the interior of the attraction change for this overlay, but additionally, the external show building is covered with thousands of Christmas lights, and the color scheme is changed to red and green. 

it's a small world holiday
“it’s a small world” Holiday Decor, photo by Bobby Asen

“it’s a small world” Holiday is a slow-moving boat ride created for people of all ages to enjoy. On this journey, you can travel the world and see different showrooms filled with children celebrating their favorite holidays. The attraction starts outdoors, and you will be welcomed with holiday greetings as your adventure begins. Additionally, you will find characters from your favorite Disney classics joining in the fun, such as Cinderella, Alice, and Pinocchio, 

In late October, “it’s a small world” closes for the attraction to switch over and transform into its holiday edition. The outside of the attraction is lined with over 50,000 lights, and the outdoor shrubbery is covered with 350,000 plus lights. Changing the attraction to a Christmas version started in 1997 and has become one of the guests’ favorite things to do during the holiday season. They get to see Chinese New Year, Jungle Jangles, and Feliz Navidad celebrations through their journey!

"it's a small world" Holiday Decor
“it’s a small world” Holiday Decor, photo by Bobby Asen

Location & Wait Times

You can find “it’s a small world” located in Fantasyland on the edge of Mickey’s Toontown. Here, this attraction is neighbors to the Matterhorn BobSleds and Alice In Wonderland. The wait time for “it’s a small world” is usually low besides when it has its holiday overlay for the wintertime.

it's a small world Holiday decor
The outside of it’s a small world is covered in lights! photo by Bobby Asen

Queue Experience

The queue for this attraction is entirely outdoors in a shaded area by a garden and some trees. You will be able to hear the classic tune playing of “it’s a small world”. Additionally, the clock tower on the outside will open up every fifteen minutes, and you will see a mini procession of what to expect inside the attraction.


it's a small world on Disneyland Map


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