5 Fall Movies To Watch On Disney Plus

Disney Plus Fall

Ah the fall season… Pumpkin spice, falling leaves, cold weather! This is the perfect time of year for many people (including me). For Disney fans, it is the ideal time to visit the parks. However, if you want to bring Disney to your home during this fun season, I have the perfect solution for you!

If you currently have a subscription to Disney Plus, The Walt Disney company’s streaming service, we have compiled 5 Disney films and shows to watch on this platform, that will give you all the cozy feels for this autumnal season. Here we go!

1. Pooh’s Grand Adventure: The Search for Christopher Robin (1997)

This film is a classic for many Disney devotees. It centers on Winnie the Pooh and his Hundred Acre Wood pals on a quest to save Christopher Robin. This film has so many visually aesthetic scenes and it is so comforting to watch on a gloomy, fall morning or night.

Pooh's Grand Adventure: The Search for Christopher Robin
This movie is an original story and is not based on any of A. A. Milne’s classic stories. Photo: Disney+

2. Tinkerbell And The Lost Treasure (2009)

Who doesn’t love Tink? This movie is a “treasure,” as the title suggests. It deals with Tinkerbell, her endeavors in Pixie Hollow and how she must save the Pixie dust from being gone forever. The movie has beautiful visuals and lots of colorful leaves throughout. This flick is a perfect choice to keep the Autumnal-feeling alive!

Tinkerbell and the Lost Treasure
This movie is the second installment of the Disney Fairies franchise. Photo: Disney+

3. Pocahontas (1995)

This film takes you just around the riverbend (pun intended) and straight into Autumn! Pocahontas is a visually pleasing movie with picturesque scenes that immerse you into the season. The pigments used by the Disney animators for Pocahontas’ Virginia village, emit a true fall atmosphere!

Pocahontas was composed by Stephen Swartz and Alan Menken. Photo: Disney+

4. Beauty and the Beast (1991)

Another Disney masterpiece and beloved by many, Beauty and the the Beast is a perfect choice! The colors incorporated throughout the movie are yellow, orange, and brown hues. Whether it be the architecture of the poor provincial town, Belle’s iconic golden gown, or her cozy French-inspired cottage, this movie is sure to give you nostalgia and warm vibes!

Beauty and the Beast
Belle is voiced by Page O’Hara. Photo: Disney+

5. The Wonderful Autumn of Mickey Mouse (2022)

While The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse series provides a relaxing feeling, The Wonderful Autumn of Mickey Mouse is a perfect 24-minute short encompassing the adventures of Mickey and his pals during the fall. The show includes easter eggs and nods to movies inspired by the season. It is a heart-warming episode and a pleasant addition to the list.

The Wonderful Autumn of Mickey Mouse (2022)
This series premiered on November 18, 2020 which is also Mickey Mouse’s 92nd birthday. Photo: Disney+

It would be wrong to suggest that these are the only films to watch for a cozy, fall movie marathon. The Disney company has plenty of iconic and comforting movies that elicit the same emotions. Disney Plus is certainly a great way to watch all the films you watched as a child and continue to watch as an adult today, whether it be for your kids, or for personal enjoyment (no judgement here, I still watch cartoons).

The movies mentioned in this article are a great start for your list and are sure to hold your attention. Therefore, dear reader, I hope you enjoy this Fall season to the fullest and enjoy bringing a piece of Disney into your home!

Written by

Maria Mora

For as long as Maria can remember, there was always a Disney movie playing in her house. Whether it was The Little Mermaid, Dumbo, or Tarzan, she became enthralled with all things Disney. She has visited the Disney Parks over 100 times and on different continents! Her love of Disney goes hand in hand with her love of reading, which has motivated her through the years to become a zealous writer. She hopes that whatever she does helps her community. After all, with a little faith, trust, and pixie dust, anything is possible!

7 comments on “5 Fall Movies To Watch On Disney Plus

  1. Thank you for these fall movie suggestions! I was actually looking for some to get into the fall mood and didn’t know where to start. I think I will watch Pocahontas and travel around the riverbend lol. Love your articles!

  2. Love this!! Thank you for the recommendations i will be watching all of these! they really are the all time best Disney fall movies!! THANK YOU.

  3. I’m excited to watch these fall movies on Disney Plus! Pocahontas has always been a favorite of mine, and I love how the visuals capture the essence of autumn. I’m also interested in checking out The Wonderful Autumn of Mickey Mouse, as it sounds like a fun and heart-warming episode. What other Disney movies do you recommend for the fall season?

    1. Hi AllFilm,

      Thank you for the sweet message. I hope you enjoy watching the films in the article. Some other suggestions could be Bambi, Fox and the Hound, and Frozen II. 🙂 Have a joyous Autumn season!

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