5 Disney Water Rides Ranked From Least To Most Wet

Tokyo Disney Splash Mountain

“I’m SOAKED!” I cannot count the times I have used this expression on a water ride. While theme parks are notorious for always having at least one water-based ride, Disney is no exception. They have some of the best and most original compared to other parks. In this article, I will be ranking the 5 best water rides in Disney, and in order of what gets you the least to most wet (Disney Water Park rides not included.). I will also reveal if there is a picture taken on the ride and when it is, so you can strike a pose. Let’s get started!

5. Frozen Ever After

Located in Walt Disney World’s EPCOT, (now in Hong Kong Disneyland, too) this fun and relaxing boat ride takes you to Arendelle, the magical snowy town where Anna and Elsa reside. The imagery of this ride and its decorative details, makes it a visual experience for guests of all ages. The boat ride has two drops; in the first, you drop backwards on a small incline when you meet Elsa, and in the second, you fall forward on a steeper drop. If you are sitting on the edge of the boat, you are guaranteed a splash. However, if you sit towards the middle, you most likely will not feel any water. For this reason, this ranks last on the list as “getting soaked” is not an option. The picture happens during the last drop on the ride so make sure you are camera-ready.

frozen ever after attraction at epcot
The Frozen Ever After Attraction at Epcot is a treat for the whole family! Photo Disney.

4. Pirates of the Caribbean

Yo Ho, Yo Ho! This quintessential ride can be found in all the six Disney theme parks (California, Florida, France, Japan, Hong Kong & China). So, depending on the continent you visit, you will be able to experience this unforgettable water ride. Pirates of the Caribbean was one of the original rides that opened in 1955 in Disneyland California. Therefore, it has a rich history along with its unforgettable animatronics. It does a little bit more splashing than Frozen Ever After, that is why it is next on this list.  In terms of getting soaked, this ride is honestly not going to get you drenched. However, if you sit on the edge of the boat, it is possible that some of the cannons thrown into the water will splash you (ruins my hair every time). The picture (in WDW) happens just before the small drop in the dark, in the beginning of the ride. There is a skull, on the left-hand side, that will flash its eyes and take your photo. Ye Be Warned!

Pirates of the Caribbean Ride Photo
Here is an example of the photo taken on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. Photo: Disney.

3. Splash Mountain

While the original flume ride in the USA (California & Florida) is now being refurbished to a Princess and the Frog theme, Brer rabbit and his friends can be found currently in Tokyo Disneyland. This was a ride that was celebrated and loved by many. Considering its “soak meter”, this really depends on where you are seated and who is in the flume. If the flume has more children seated with adults, it is likely to go down faster and get most of the people on board splashed. If the flume is heavier, only the front two rows will feel the strong splash compared to the back rows. All in all, regardless of who is in the flume, if you are in the front row, you will be soaked. The picture happens during the main drop, towards the end of the ride. Remember to scream “Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah,” on the way down!

Splash Mountain
Come to Japan if you want to see Brer rabbit and his country critters on this western water adventure. Photo: Tokyo Disneyland.

2. Kali River Rapids

Found in Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park, this jungle-inspired rapids ride is a super soaker. The highlight of this short ride is the walkthrough adorned with many artifacts of Southern Asia’s culture. It has one main drop that turns the raft in circles as you descend. However, getting wet from head to toe is based on chance, i.e. who is turned on their back during the drop. Even if you escape getting drenched from the drop, there are many water spray features during the ride, which ultimately wet you even more. Regardless, everyone on board will come out sopping wet, some more than others. There is sadly no picture taken on the ride, but if there was, I’m sure it would make a hilarious memory.

Kail River Rapids
I can guarantee you will get off this ride drenched from head to toe! Photo: Disney.

1. Grizzly River Run

Like Kali River Rapids, this ride found in Disney’s California Adventure Park, is loved by many. Despite its retheming over the years, the journey of the ride has remained consistent. Its current National Park theme is top notch and has a pleasing setting with green trees and bushes adorning the river. This rapids ride has two drops, which makes it the ultimate soaker ride in all the Disney theme parks, and first on this list! Guests are encouraged to bring ponchos during the ride if they would rather enjoy it without getting wet. Sadly, this ride does not capture a photo, (similarly to Kali River Rapids) but you are free to take your own pictures or record on the ride (Be careful not to drop your device).

Grizzly River Run
The giant drops on this ride make it a fun and unforgettable ride experience. Photo: Disney.

There are many water attractions and rides found in the domestic and international Disney parks. The theming given to these make them unique and special to Disney park-goers. I hope, dear reader, this article provides some insight on these rides as well as which will give you a light splash and which will leave you soaked. Remember to be ready for the picture on those rides that offer one. And lastly, make sure to remember this list if you didn’t pack an extra set of clothes.

Featured Photo: Emily Murray.

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