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Disney Springs

Most Disney World visitors pick up a special souvenir to commemorate their magical vacation. There is certainly no shortage of gift shops across Disney World’s parks and resorts, offering merchandise from Disney’s many franchises (as the Jungle Cruise Skippers often say, “This is Disney–there’s probably a gift shop in here!”). Many guests collect classic keepsakes such as mugs, ears, t-shirts, ornaments or pins.

If you’re on a quest for a unique souvenir, consider adding a Disney Springs visit to your vacation itinerary. Disney Springs is home to many one-of-a-kind shops where you can find that special, distinctive souvenir.

Candles from Bowes Signature Candles

If the smell of Egyptian sandalwood or orange blossom groves makes you nostalgic for your favorite places in Disney World, then visit the Marketplace Co-Op and shop at Bowes Signature Candles. Their natural soy wax candles feature many of the Disney scents you love, from the resorts to the attractions. The familiar smells are sure to evoke fond memories of your trip when you return home!

Disney Springs Candles
You can find diffusers, wax melts and candles at Bowes Signature Candles in Disney Springs. Photo by Disney.

Drinkware from Corkcicle

For a souvenir that’s both cute and practical, visit the Corkcicle kiosk in The Landing. In its first-ever retail location, Corkcicle offers its fan-favorite drink ware for Disney Springs shoppers to peruse. Their tumblers, canteens and mugs have insulation technology to keep your drinks icy-cold in the Florida heat; plus they feature adorable Disney character motifs. 

Disney Corkcicle
Fans love the character designs on Corkcicle’s drinkware. Photo by Corkcicle.

Crystal Keepsakes from Crystal Arts by Arribas Brothers

Arribas Brothers artisans have long dazzled Disney World guests with their skill and craftsmanship, using glassblowing, etching and other techniques to make sparkling keepsakes. While you can find Arribas Brothers shops in both Magic Kingdom (on Main Street U.S.A.) and EPCOT (in the Germany Pavilion), their Disney Springs’ Marketplace location offers a unique and extensive selection that is truly a sight to behold. Personalize frames, glassware, laser-etched crystal photo cubes and more for a one-of-a-kind souvenir that commemorates your trip; or try their Crystal Wish Keepers experience to design your own crystal holder (such as a wand, Mickey glove or glass slipper)!

Disney Crystals Store
Many of the sparkling collectibles in Arribas Brothers can be personalized for a custom souvenir. Photo by Disney.

Custom T-Shirt at UNIQLO

UNIQLO’s giant split-level store in Disney Springs’ Town Center offers a wealth of apparel and accessories for the whole family. In addition to their wide selection of Disney-themed merchandise, UNIQLO also offers custom t-shirts. Their unique “UTme!” print service allows guests to use character “stickers,” typography, pictures and more to design and customize their t-shirt, which is then printed in-store. The entire process is about 10 minutes, and you can take your t-shirt home right away. 

Designs from both Disney and local artists are available for your custom T-shirt. Photo by Disney.
Designs from both Disney and local artists are available for your custom T-shirt. Photo by Disney.

Marshmallow Treats at Wondermade Marshmallows

If the sweet treats are one of your favorite parts about a Disney vacation, then stop by Wondermade Marshmallows kiosk in The Landing to purchase a tasty souvenir to take home. The artisanal marshmallows feature unique flavor combinations and are made with real cane sugar, gluten-free and Kosher ingredients. Find sweet flavors like Birthday Cake, Peppermint, S’Mores, Key Lime Pie and more. They also make a great gift if you’re shopping for friends and family back home!

Disney Marshmallow
These marshmallow treats will help cheer you up after your Disney vacation is over! Photo by Wondermade.

What is your favorite kind of souvenir to shop for at Disney Springs? Tell us in the comments!

Featured photo by Emily Murray.

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