Tips For Disney Character Meet And Greets

Princess Tiana

Meeting Disney characters can be a highlight for many people on their Disney vacation! But for some character meet and greets might come with some anxiety surrounding the experience. What do you say? What should you do? No worries! Disney Cast Members are well-trained on how to move along a character meet and greet, and each character has an attendant who is there to assist if needed! But if you want some ideas on how to make the experience go a bit more smoothly, then here are a few tips!

Disney Characters Will Never Break Character

Disney characters exist in the worlds of their own stories. This means that when you meet them, they are not going to know about things going on outside of the Disney bubble. If you ask them questions about non-Disney topics, they will likely be confused. Such interactions, and other attempts to get them to break character, will typically be diffused by the character attendant who will creatively move the guest along to end the interaction. It can be understandably difficult to immerse yourself in the character’s world, but that is part of what makes Disney meet and greets so unique and special. So, cut loose and play pretend!

Disney World Eeyore
Eeyore Greets A Toddler. Photo: Megan Woodard

Ask Questions About Their World!

If you are greeting a face character, like a Disney princess, then expect them to be extremely conversational! These characters love to talk about their world, where they are from, and what they like. And, you don’t have to let them do all of the talking! You can them questions about their story and other aspects of their character. You might be surprised that these characters have a response for just about anything you ask them.

Elsa Meet and Greet
Elsa talked to us about dressing up! Photo: Megan Woodard

Some examples of good conversation with a character are:

  • What do you like to do with your free time?
  • Where is (another character from their film)?
  • What is your favorite ride at the park?
  • What is your favorite snack?

Pre-plan Poses

For characters that don’t talk, meet and greets are typically based on body language. Sometimes these characters will pantomime with their attendants translating, but usually these interactions are filled with hugs, high fives, and photos. If you want a special and unique photo from your meet and greet, you can try and come up with poses before you begin your character interaction.

Chip and Dale Meet and greet
Chip and Dale pose happily. Photo: Megan Woodard

Some ideas for posing are:

  • A tight hug with your face toward the camera
  • Copying the character’s pose
  • Holding hands and popping out your foot
  • Asking the character to dance and pose throughout
  • Asking the character to twirl you or if you can twirl them

Get Your Autograph Book Ready

If you are interested in grabbing autographs during your meet and greets, then be sure to prepare your autograph book ahead of time. Flip the book to the correct page and have the pen ready for the character to use. Being prepared ahead of time makes for a smoother experience and also gives you more time to talk and pose for photos!

Tiana signs Autograph book
Each character has their own unique signature.

Bring Small Props or Plushies

Sometimes characters will entertain small props or plushies that correspond with their world and their story! For example, Ariel may hold a Flounder plushie if you bring one with you. I have also seen guests ask characters to hold things like Mickey ears with someone’s name on it for a guest who cannot be there, or a small sign announcing a pregnancy or an engagement. Personally, we have asked Mickey to hold a button with our late father’s photo and he was glad to do so!

Minnie Mouse Meet and Greet
Posing with her plush helped my daughter feel comfortable. Photo: Megan Woodard

Do you enjoy character meet and greets? What do you like to do to make them unique? Let us know in the comments below!

Written by

Megan Woodard

Contributing Writer

Megan was born into a Disney family. Her first trip to Disney World was when she was only 18 months old. Now as an adult, Megan loves to share the magic of Disney with her two toddlers. Keeping up with Disney news and Disney World knowledge is a fun hobby for Megan. Disney World is her favorite place to be and continuously brings back her childhood joy.

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