New DVC Tower At Polynesian Resort To Join Existing Condo Association


The Disney Vacation Club (DVC) Condo Association today announced an exciting development for DVC owners. During today’s Q&A section it was revealed by Yvonne Chang, Executive Director of Business Operations for Disney Vacation Club, that the new DVC tower at Polynesian will be a part of the existing association.

Our plans right now are for the new tower to be part of the existing Polynesian Resort.

Yvonne Chang, Executive Director of Business Operations for Disney Vacation Club

Implications Of One Association At Polynesian Resort

11-Month Booking Window

As many members know, the ability to book your vacations starting at 11-months out is limited to your home resort. Now that we know the new DVC tower will be a part of the existing association, both current and future direct and resale owners will have the same 11-Month booking opportunities at both the new tower and the existing villas, ensuring equal access to reservations.

Singular Maintenance Costs & Points Charts

When the new Polynesian Tower joins the existing association, Disney Vacation Club won’t need to treat the new development like a brand new resort. This would result in one singular budget, one annual dues calculation, and one points chart for all the new room types coming with this new tower.

Resale Restrictions

As we have seen with the newer resorts DVC has been developing, they have been placing resale restrictions on the contracts at these resorts. For example, buyers who purchase at the Riviera resort on the resale market are limited to using their points at the Riviera Resort only.

With one association for the new tower, resale restrictions shouldn’t be applicable for the new contracts that are sold from the points that the Polynesian tower will bring. Of course, this has not yet been officially confirmed, but if this tower is treated similarly to the Big Pine Key building expansion for Grand Floridian, we should not see resale restrictions placed on these new contracts.

Enhanced Availability & Accommodations

DVC owners will be delighted by this news, as the Polynesian resort has faced limitations in availability due to the high cost in points for bungalows, and the popularity of the studios. The addition of the new tower to the existing association is expected to significantly enhance the availability and options for DVC members.

The new tower will offer a range of accommodations tailored to different needs. This includes dedicated 2-bedroom villas, dedicated 1-bedroom villas, and 2-bedroom lock-off villas. The lock-off villas can be separated into studios and 1-bedroom units, providing additional flexibility for guests. Deluxe studios and smaller “duo” studios will also be available.

Resale Market Impact

This exciting development opens up booking opportunities for resale owners of the Polynesian resort as well. Similar to what occurred with the Grand Floridian and Big Pine Key, this expansion is expected to generate significant demand for Polynesian contracts within the resale market.

Also, those who do purchase new contracts from Disney will hopefully not face harsh resale restrictions that could limit their resale value in the future.

If you’d like to further explore the implications of the new Polynesian Tower joining the existing association, and learn some history about past resort expansions, you can read our speculative article here: Will DVC’s New Polynesian Tower Be A Separate Association?

Stay tuned to the DVC Shop blog for all the latest developments from inside the parks, and around the DVC resorts.

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Rachel Van Norman

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