Navigating Old Key West: Advantages & Disadvantages Of Various Sections

DVC Old Key West.

Disney’s Old Key West is a sprawling resort featuring an island vibe that captures the spirit of the Florida Keys. With nearly 50 different buildings spread across several sections, it can be challenging to decide where to stay. This article will explore the pros and cons of each area to help you make an informed decision on which section of the resort will best suit your vacation needs. Let’s start exploring!

Old Key West Map

Old Key West Resort Map

Grasping the resort’s layout can greatly improve your ability to choose the most suitable area for your stay. Whether you’re trying to find the fastest way to the Hospitality House or the closest pool, a solid understanding of the resort’s structure can significantly enhance your comprehension of how the different sections interconnect.

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Near Hospital House

Near Hospitality House

Buildings 11-14 and 23-26


  • Close to the Hospitality House.
  • The room layout tends to be larger, offering more space.
  • Proximity to amenities such as dining and shopping options.


  • Some guests may find this section books up quickly, especially during travel periods.
  • Hospitality House is the last bus stop when heading into the theme parks.
Miller’s Road Pool

Miller’s Road

Buildings 15-22, 62-64


  • Close to Hospitality House
  • Close to it’s own relaxation pool
  • Buildings 62-64 in this section are the sole structures at Old Key West outfitted with elevators


  • Second to last bus stop when heading to the theme parks
Peninsular Road

Peninsular Road

Buildings 27-29


  • Peninsular Road is not far from the amenities of the Hospitality House, making it easy to access various facilities.
  • It’s the first bus stop on the route to the theme parks, increasing your chances of getting a comfortable seat.


  • Peninsular Road does not have its own pool or laundry service.
  • Long bus rides when heading into the theme parks.
Turtle Shack Poolside Snacks.

Old Turtle Pond Road

Buildings 30-44


  • Old Turtle Pond Road boasts a leisure pool, whirlpool spa, and laundry facility.
  • There’s a playground, barbecue grilling area, the Flying Fish Gameroom, and the Turtle Shack Snack Bar, a quick-service food location.
  • The area offers sports courts for tennis, basketball, volleyball, and shuffleboard.


  • It’s a bit of a walk from the main hospitality house.
South Point Road Pool

South Point Road

Buildings 45-56


  • South Point Road comes with its own leisure pool, whirlpool spa, playground and laundry facilities.
  • There’s an easy route to Disney Springs or Saratoga Springs via a walkway near Building 55.
  • Buildings 45 and 46 offer pleasing views of the Trumbo Canal.


  • South Point Road is the furthest area from Hospitality House and all its amenities.

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Each section of Disney’s Old Key West Resort has its unique charm and advantages. Depending on your preferences and needs, some sections may suit you better than others. Consider what’s most important to you – be it proximity to amenities, room size, tranquility, or transportation options – and choose accordingly.

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Do you have a favorite section at this resort? If so, what are some of your favorite things about that section of Old Key West? Let us know in the comments below!

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