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Liberty Square Riverboat Disney

Take a relaxing boat ride with rare sights on the Rivers of America when you ride the Liberty Square Riverboat!

Liberty Square Riverboat Details

Walt Disney World Resort Park Magic Kingdom
Location in Park Liberty Square
Height Restrictions Any Height
Age Interests All Ages
Thrill Type Slow Ride
Hours 9:30 AM to 7:00 PM
Wait Times Low
Lightning Lane No
Accessibility Information May Remain in Wheelchair/ECV
Liberty Square Riverboat Disney
The Liberty Square Riverboat is 47 feet tall.

Attraction Overview

Hop aboard the Liberty Square Riverboat at Magic Kingdom for a relaxing boat ride. On this 17-minute trip on the Rivers of America, you experience this part of the park like never before. This tour of Liberty Square and Frontierland is about a half-mile long. Because this boat ride takes you around Tom Sawyer Island, it is narrated by the novel’s author: Mark Twain. During your ride down the river, the classic American novelist shares his own memories of growing up on the Mississippi.

In addition to nostalgic stories from Mr. Twain, the Liberty Square Riverboat provides views that you and your family just can’t miss! Experience the beginnings of the American frontier such as an early American settlement, an idyllic Native American village, and woodland animals. You will also come upon iconic locations from Tom Sawyer like Harper’s Mill, Fort Langhorn, and Wilson’s Cave Inn. On top of all these sights, you see news sides of Big Thunder Mountain, Splash Mountain, and Haunted Mansion.

The Liberty Square Riverboat uses a real steam engine to give tours on the Rivers of America. The water from the river is converted into steam which provides power to the boat’s paddlewheel. Even though a steam engine is used, the Liberty Square Riverboat does operate on a track. With 4 decks on this 47-foot boat, it can move lots of guests around the river.

Liberty Square Riverboat Disney World
See Liberty Square and Frontierland like never before while aboard the Liberty Square Riverboat.


Liberty Square Riverboat on Disney Map

Location & Wait Times

The Liberty Square Riverboat is located in Liberty Square at the Magic Kingdom. The entrance is located along the river next to the Haunted Mansion. It travels around Tom Sawyer Island on the Rivers of America. Along this path, you experience both Liberty Square and Frontierland. This ride is about 17-minutes long. Despite this, the Liberty Square Riverboat departs every 30 minutes (on the hour and half hour). With this schedule, the longest you will have to wait is likely 30 minutes or less.

Liberty Square Riverboat Disney
The Liberty Square Riverboat is named the Liberty Belle.

Queue Experience

There is no true queue for the Liberty Square Riverboat. Instead, there is a small holding area where you can wait prior to boarding. To enter this waiting, look for the awning pictured below. This is the entrance to the attraction which can be found next to the queue entrance for Haunted Mansion.

Liberty Square Riverboat Disney World
Board the Liberty Square Riverboat at this entrance.

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