How Much Does It Cost To Rent DVC Points?

how does it cost to rent DVC points

Are you thinking of taking a Disney Vacation and would like to stay in a Deluxe Disney accommodation? You may have heard of the option of renting points from a DVC member to book a reservation at one of Disney’s 15 Deluxe Resorts. One of the first questions you’ll likely have is, how much does it cost to rent DVC points? 

Renting DVC Points to book your Disney accommodations is a terrific option if you’re looking to save money without sacrificing quality. Each of DVC’s 15 Deluxe resorts offer prime accommodations, amazing service and great locations.

DVC Rental Pricing

At DVC Shop we rent DVC points at standard rates but often offer additional discounts. Our standard rates are between $18 and $22 per point depending on the resort and how far in advance you’re booking your vacation. 

Bookings 7 Months + 1 day to 11 Months Before Check-In Date

  • $19 per point
    Hilton Head, Saratoga Springs and Vero Beach
  • $20 per point
    Aulani, Boulder Ridge, Copper Creek, Old Key West
  • $21 per point
    Animal Kingdom, Bay Lake Towers, Boardwalk Villas, Grand Californian, Grand Floridian, Riviera
  • $23 per point
    Beach Club Villas, Polynesian Resort

Bookings 4 Months + 1 Day to 7 Months or More Before Check-In Date

All resorts are rented at $19 per point.

Bookings 4 Months or Less Before Check-In Date

All resorts are rented at $18.50 per point.

*Add $1 per point for reservations of 50 points or less.

Other Ways To Save

While the above prices are the DVC Shop standard rental rates, we often offer additional discounts as well as great deals on already confirmed rental reservations to help you save even more.

Confirmed Reservations

Confirmed reservations are already booked DVC stays that are made by a DVC Owner then placed for rent. Pricing for Confirmed Reservations are set directly by the owner and often offer significant discounts. Stays can start as low as $100 per night! Keep in mind that Confirmed Reservations are already booked stays and dates, room types, etc. cannot be altered or changed.

Promotional Offers

DVC Shop also offers promotional discounts which can save you hundreds of dollars off of the standard rental rates.

Whether you were planning on staying at one of Disney’s Hotels or booking a room at a DVC Resort through Disney, you’ll find that renting DVC points or a Confirmed Reservation through DVC Shop is a great way to save. Now that you know how much it costs to rent DVC points, get started on your booking today!

*Article updated on 4/12/21 to reflect current DVC Shop Rental Pricing.

Katherine Rand

DVC Shop Editorial Team

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