Renting DVC Points: How To Stay At A Disney Property For A Discount Price


With pricing of Disney hotels and tickets continuing to increase year after year, planning a trip to a Disney Resort can be quite costly, especially if you’re hoping to stay on property. Disney guests are often battling nightly rates of $500+ at some resorts so it’s no wonder that many guests over the years have tried creative tricks and techniques for staying at Disney properties for discounted rates. Of course, there’s always the option of traveling during the off season or even staying off property. But the best kept secret to staying at a Disney property for a discounted price is renting DVC points.

If like many hopeful Disney guests, you find the pricing of Disney hotels out of reach or just downright excessive, then read on to learn how you can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars by renting DVC points for your next Disney vacation.

Who Am I Renting Points From?

There are thousands of Disney Vacation Club members, each of whom is annually allotted a number of points to be used to book a stay at a Disney property. Sometimes these owners cannot use their points or may choose to rent their annual allotment of points to offset the cost of a non Disney Vacation. When an owner chooses to rent their DVC points it’s a win-win situation for both the owner and the renter who gets to stay at a Disney property for a fraction of the cost.

How Do I Rent Points?

Renting points to book a stay is an easy process! Simply contact one of our DVC Shop representatives through our rental divison’s contact form or by calling 516-306-9112. As renting points requires an agreement and transfer of money, DVC Shop always recommends working with a licensed and experienced broker or agency to assist you with facilitating a smooth rental transaction.

For the full step-by-step process of renting DVC points visit How A DVC Rental Works

How Much Will I Actually Save?

Depending on when and where you stay, you could save anywhere between 10% and 60% off Disney’s retail hotel prices. As Disney’s pricing changes based on the season and availability, let’s use a real example to calculate the savings you’ll enjoy when you rent DVC points for your stay.

Before we start our comparison of direct booking versus renting, we need to know how much it costs to rent points. Renting points through DVC Shop costs between $16 and $20 per point depending on when and where you are booking. These rates are on par with standard going rental rates of DVC points.

Now, let’s look at the numbers to give you a realistic analysis of renting versus booking directly with Disney.


You and your spouse would like to stay at the BoardWalk Inn. It’s the perfect location to peruse the Boardwalk area and access your favorite park, Epcot. You’re planning to travel in February 2020

<b>If booked directly with Disney, your total cost would be as follows:</b>

4 nights at the BoardWalk Inn in a Standard room

Check-in: February 2, 2020

Nightly Rate: $474.00

(per Disney’s website at the time of writing this article)

Tax:  $237.00

Total for 4 nights: $2,133.00

<b>If you book your reservation with rented points your total cost would be as follows:</b>

4 nights at the BoardWalk Villas in a Standard View Studio

Check-in: February 2, 2020

Price per Point: $20

Number of points needed: 56 (14 points per night)

Total for 4 nights: $1,120.00

Wow, in our example you would have saved almost 50% by choosing to rent DVC points as opposed to booking with Disney directly. This huge savings could help offset the other costs of traveling to the Disney parks, such as tickets, food and transportation. 

Additionally, DVC Shop offers further rental discounts for reservations made 6 months or less before your check-in date. Price per point drops to $16 per night in this case. So in our example above your total would have actually been closer to $900 for your entire stay!

As you can see, renting DVC points is an amazing way to save money on your vacations and stay at Disney for a discounted price. If you’re interested in renting or have any questions about the process please contact our DVC Shop representatives who are ready to assist you in renting points and booking the perfect Disney vacation for you and your family. You can also view pre-booked and confirmed reservations at the following link for even more savings!

If you’re an owner interested in renting your extra DVC points, contact DVC Shop now to rent your points and start making extra income.

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