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Haunted Mansion Holiday

The classic Haunted Mansion is in brighter spirits with The Haunted Mansion Holiday overlay at Disneyland.

Haunted Mansion Details

Disneyland Resort Park Disneyland
Location in Park New Orleans Square
Height Restrictions Any Height
Age Interests Kids, Teens, Adults
Thrill Type Slow ride, dark, and scary
Hours Open to Park Close
Wait Times Moderate
FastPass Yes
Accessibility Information Must Transfer from Wheelchair/ECV

Attraction Overview

Jack Skellington has taken over decorating The Haunted Mansion for the Christmas season as he prepares to take over for Santa Claus. The ride’s entry has Jack Skellington sitting outside and a giant countdown sign on the house, letting you know it’s officially the holiday season. All the Haunted Mansion attraction locations are changed with overlays that you will only be able to see the first week of September to January 8th each year.

Haunted Mansion Holiday
Even the queue line is decorated for Christmas! Photo by Bobby Asen

Once you enter The Haunted Mansion Holiday, you will see that the stretching portrait room has different artwork from the beloved film The Nightmare Before Christmas. The ceiling will burst with an appearance from Jack Skellington and his ghost dog Zero. From there, you will walk into the hallway of artwork featuring paintings of Sally, Jack Skellington, Santa Claus, and Zero that come to life, and you’ll find your doom buggy waiting for you to be loaded on the slow-moving attraction.

Haunted Mansion Holiday
Haunted Mansion Holiday Entrance. Photo by Bobby Asen

When you get to your doom buggy, you’ll notice the citizens of Halloween Town have begun singing their Christmas carols, and you are off to start your journey. You’ll see that the regular Haunted Mansion animatronics have been replaced with ones of characters from The Nightmare Before Christmas. One of the significant changes is the famous ballroom scene where instead of just waltzing ghosts, you see that they are celebrating the holidays with a ginormous scented gingerbread house. Each year the design of the gingerbread house changes.

Jack and Sally Haunted Mansion
Jack and Sally. Photos by Bobby Asen

Finally you and your doom buggy make it to the graveyard you’ll be greeted by Jack Skellington, Sally, Zero, and even Oogie Boogie. Before exiting, Oogie Boogie gives you a ghost present you can only see in the Haunted Mansion mirror from his wheel of gifts. Keep your eyes out for Lock, Shock, and Barrel before you wave goodbye to Halloweentown.

Haunted Mansion Holiday
Photo by Bobby Asen

Location & Wait Times

You can find the Haunted Mansion between Pirates of The Caribbean and the beginning of Critter Country. The Haunted Mansion is right in the heart of New Orleans Square, located by The Disneyland Railroad. With this attraction having Doom Buggies constantly running, the wait time is typically moderate.

Haunted Mansion Jack and Sally
You may spot Jack and Sally in the are for meet and greets! Photo by Bobby Asen

Queue Experience

The queue for The Haunted Mansion is through the grounds of the home itself outside. You’ll find yourself getting a good laugh from many funny engraved tombstones, which give you a preview of what’s to come inside. The second half of your wait for this attraction is indoors, including the stretching chamber in the hallway of moving portraits.


Disneyland Haunted Mansion Location Map

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