Disney World Bringing Back Cast Members For Rumored Capacity Increase


Disney has brought more Cast Members back to work. Although the parks are not operating at full capacity, and not all attractions or dining locations are currently open, a large number of Cast Members have returned sporting their special “Earning My Ears” badges. 

These Cast Members were previously furloughed when the Florida theme parks were shut down. Even when the parks reopened, many of these Cast Members were still left displaced. However, there is more reason all the time for these Cast Members to come back. 

Disney has released their updated park hours up until June. The park hours have increased quite a bit, with two parks having an extra four open hours. It would make sense that Disney needs more people available to work with the longer hours. This is especially true as more merchandise and food locations are opening up throughout Disney World all the time.

The increased park hours and increase of working Cast Members may also indicate a capacity increase is coming. Walt Disney World last increased capacity to 35% in November and has maintained that capacity since. With more available and longer hours, It would make sense that a park increase would be on the horizon. 

Whatever the reason for bringing Cast Members back to work, it is easy to say that everyone is grateful to see them back. 

Why do you think they’ve brought back the Cast Members at this time? Do you think even better things are coming? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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