Disney Junior Characters: Who Is In The Parks And Where To Find Them

Where to find Disney Junior Dance Characters at the Parks

Disney Junior shows are an easy way to introduce your young children to Disney magic in the comfort of your own home. The shows offer a wide variety of characters and stories that inspire young ones. These characters become beloved by your littles and when it comes time to head to Walt Disney World they want to meet their favorite character. Some of the Disney Junior characters are out and available for meet and greets, while others you will never see in the parks. Here is a list of all of the Disney Junior character who are in the parks, and where to find them.

All of the Disney Junior characters are located exclusively in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. There are a few different and fun options to interact with the characters in this Disney park.

Disney Junior Meet and Greets at Animation Courtyard

In the Animation Courtyard there are four different sections set up with different backgrounds to match their character. Here guests can find the following characters:

Vampirina Greeting Guests in Hollywood Studios
Vampirina Greeting Guests in Hollywood Studios
  • Vampirina
  • Doc McStuffins
  • Fancy Nancy
  • Pluto

These characters will be available throughout the day to strike a pose and take pictures with guests. The area is currently roped off to maintain social distancing. However, guests can get close enough for great photos as well as even a little conversation (just don’t expect these particular characters to talk back).

Fancy Nancy character meet and greet in Animation Courtyard
Fancy Nancy character meet and greet in Animation Courtyard

Disney Junior Dance Party

The Disney Junior Dance Party in Disney’s Hollywood Studios is another way to see some of the Disney Junior characters, with a more interactive twist. Kids will be able to dance along with these characters as they learn each one’s signature dance moves. The jammin’ DJ and even a rainfall of bubbles will create an engaging experience for your little ones.

Characters in the Disney Junior Dance Party include:

  • Roadster Mickey Mouse
  • Vampirina
  • Doc McStuffins
  • Timon
Characters in the Disney Junior Dance Party
Characters in the Disney Junior Dance Party

Character Dining at Hollywood & Vine

Character dining is another great way for families to get up close and personal with Disney characters. Currently the only character dining experience featuring Disney Junior characters is breakfast at Hollywood & Vine in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Here guests can enjoy their meal with Vampirina, Fancy Nancy, Doc McStuffins, and Roadster Goofy.

Currently character dining experiences are still being modified in Disney World. The characters entertain from further away with dances and will also pose for socially distanced photos.

Characters Not Available

Some beloved Disney Junior characters are not available to meet in the Disney parks. That is because some shows are not Disney original content, with Disney simply purchasing the broadcasting rights to the shows. Some examples of this includes popular Disney Junior shows such as Bluey, PJ Masks, and Dino Ranch.

Some other characters may not be available in Hollywood Studios at this time, even though they are Disney original content. Some examples include Spidey & His Amazing Friends, Mira Royal Detective, and T.O.T.S. characters. The good news with these types of shows is that they may make an appearance in the Disney parks at some point, just not at this current time.

Let’s Party!

There are a lot of creative way to meet the Disney Junior characters on your trip to Walt Disney World. From outdoor meet and greets, to character dining, and the Disney Junior Dance Party, there are amazing options to spot these characters. So if Disney Junior characters are on your little ones must see list, be sure to head over to Hollywood Studios to see them!

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