Disney Ambassador Hotel at Tokyo Disney Photo Tour

Disney Ambassador Hotel is the original Tokyo Disneyland Hotel and continues to be classic. Attached to Ikspiari (Tokyo Disney’s Downtown Disney) and with a direct walkway to Tokyo Disneyland, this hotel is a convenient spot for any guest ready to hit the parks!

The Disney Ambassador Hotel opened on July 20, 2020, as Tokyo Disney’s first official Disney hotel. You’ll be transported to the golden age of the 1930s in Hollywood once you enter the lobby. When it comes to dining, you have various options, such as the Hyperion Lounge in the hall and Chef Mickey’s. Like Chef Mickey’s in America, here at the Ambassador Hotel, the characters greet guests while enjoying their meals.

Tokyo Disney Ambassador Hotel
Tokyo Disney Ambassador Hotel Decor.

The rooms at Disney Ambassador are in five different tiers. These rooms are the Standard Room, Superior Room, Triple Room, Deluxe Room, and Family Room. The Triple Room has three-full sized beds, and the Deluxe Room and Family Room all have four beds. When looking to book a room at Tokyo Disneyland, the Disney Ambassador Hotel is considered a Moderately priced resort.

One of the benefits of staying on property at any of the Tokyo Disneyland Resorts is that you are guaranteed to purchase tickets on days even when the park hits capacity. Additionally, a benefit of staying at the Disney Ambassador is that the hotel is attached to a theater where Broadway-level productions take place, which is currently Disney’s Beauty and The Beast The Musical. You can also leave the hotel and walk directly into Ikspiari (Tokyo Disney’s Downtown Disney), which has many shopping and restaurants.

You’ll find a lounge and the check-in counter when you walk into the main lobby.

Tokyo Ambassador Hotel

Right in the center of the lobby, you’ll find the statue of Mickey Mouse, creating a famous Hollywood film!

Tokyo Ambassador Hotel

The Hyperion Lounge is right in the lobby, where you can enjoy a nice meal and some drinks.

Disney Tokyo Ambassador Hotel

Towards the ballrooms, there’s a grand staircase with a portrait of a Disney castle.

Tokyo Disney Ambassador Resort

The staircases at the hotel are detailed with characters such as Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse.

Tokyo Disney Resot

You’ll find statues of characters like Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse throughout the hotel.

Tokyo Resort Hotel


The Disney Ambassador gift shop sells resort-specific merchandise as well as items you can find sold inside Tokyo Disneyland Park.

Tokyo Ambassador Hotel

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