Calculating the Cost Savings of Disney Vacation Club Ownership

Calculating DVC costs

If you’re on the fence about purchasing a Disney Vacation Club ownership or are already a member and just curious if your purchase is truly saving you money then read on. Below we’ll calculate the cost savings of your Disney Vacation Club ownership and show you how you are (or soon will be) saving money every time you use DVC for your Disney vacations. 

The Cost Of DVC Points

Depending on how you buy your membership, the cost of your points can range from $92 per point if you buy resale to $188 per point if you buy direct from Disney. The great thing about DVC is that no matter how you decide to purchase, in the long run you still save money. 

When calculating cost savings, we also have to factor in maintenance costs of your DVC ownership which vary depending on the resort you own. Currently, the lowest maintenance fees are $6.27 per point at the Grand Californian and the highest are at $9.48 at Vero Beach.  Below we’ll use two different scenarios to show you your savings.

Scenario 1 – The Robin Family

  • Family of 4 – 2 adults, 2 children
  • Travel during high season due to school schedules
  • Generally book two adjoining rooms 
  • Usually stay in Disney moderate resort hotels

Without DVC

Let’s say the Robins decide to travel for 7 nights in the summer of 2020 and stay in the moderately priced Port Orleans Resort. They choose the lowest priced rooms available, two adjoining standard view rooms.

Room Rate: $262 per night x 7 nights x 2 rooms

Tax: $459

Total: $4,127

With DVC

If the Robins instead opt to buy a DVC contract on the resale market for their vacations, here is how much they’ll end up saving in the long run. First, they would need to buy enough points to travel during the summer or “Magic” season and stay in either two studios or a 1-Bedroom Villa each time they travel. In our scenario we’ll say they decide on purchasing at Saratoga Springs and choose a 250 point contract to make sure they have enough points to stay in a 1-Bedroom Villa for one week per year during the summer, when they travel most. 

Purchase Cost: $25,250 for the purchase of 250 points at Saratoga Springs at $101 per point with 2054 expiration.

Maintenance Cost: $1,600 per year ($6.40 per point)

Total Annual Cost: $2,322

($722 (purchase cost / 35 year remaining contract) + $1,600 annual maintenance)


In Scenario 1, by purchasing DVC the Robins save approximately $1,800 per year on their vacations and potentially over $60,000 during the lifetime of their DVC ownership. PLUS they will still have an extra 23 points remaining each year that can be used for an additional vacation OR can be banked or borrowed to stay in a larger unit on their next vacation.

Additionally, with DVC, the Robins are staying in a 1-Bedroom Villa which is equipped with a full kitchen where they can prepare meals, saving them even more money during their holidays.

Scenario 2 – The Poppins Family

  • Young couple with no children but sometimes travel with friends
  • Love staying at Disney’s Deluxe Resorts
  • Can travel anytime throughout the year
  • Like to take short, 2 – 4 night trips to Disney World and other DVC locations

Without DVC

The Poppins Family has a flexible schedule and they like spending their money on more luxurious stays. They generally travel to Orlando in May and October and also take trips to Hawaii and other US locations. So in our scenario we’ll say they stay at the Beach Club twice in 2020 for its easy access to Epcot and the Boardwalk area’s many bars and restaurants.

Room Rate: $565 (average rate in May & October) per night x 7 nights

Tax: $495

Total: $4,450

With DVC

If the Poppins want to stay in a studio unit at the Beach Club Villas for a total of 7 nights in May and October they’ll need at least 107 points each year for their stays. The Poppins decide to buy a resale contract of 150 points at the Beach Club Villas so they can book larger units when they invite their friends to join them on a vacation or to have the option to travel during a higher season.

Purchase Cost: $23,250 for the purchase of 150 points at Beach Club Villas at $155 per point with 2042 expiration.

Maintenance Cost: $1,041 per year ($6.94 per point)

Total Annual Cost: $2,052

($1,011 (purchase cost / 23 year remaining contract) + $1,041 annual maintenance) 


By purchasing DVC, the Poppins end up saving an average of $2,400 each year on vacations. In the long run, the Poppins could save over $50,000 on their Disney vacations before their contract expires. Additionally, since the Poppins bought more points than they needed for 7 nightly stays each year, they can use their extra points to book larger units when they invite their friends on vacations or squeeze in another vacation each year. They also have enough points to for a vacation to Disney’s Aulani Resort in Hawaii or Disney’s Vero Beach Resort if they decide to forgo a trip to Disney World.

The above calculations are based on purchasing a DVC contract on the resale market at current resale values. Resale prices at DVC Shop can save buyers anywhere from 10-45% off direct pricing.

As you can see, in the long run, the cost savings of Disney Vacation Club ownerships are huge. Additionally, staying at DVC also means you’ll receive amenities like kitchen and laundry facilities which you would not normally receive in a resort hotel. If you’re considering purchasing a DVC contract we recommend taking the time to examine your family’s travel habits, check the point charts, and crunch the numbers. 

DVC Shop has friendly and informative representatives available 7 days a week to answer any questions you might have while making your decision. Message us any time through our contact page or give us a call at 407-242-6442.

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