2021 Proposed Annual Dues with Bee Thaxton & Joe Wolfers

Proposed 2021 Annual dues were just announced for Disney Vacation Club members, so follow along as Bee and Joe cover the proposed changes.

If you’re not using your membership, now is the time to sell!

Here are the proposed dues for the 2021 DVC calendar year:

Resort 2021 Dues 2020 Dues % Increase
Animal Kingdom Villas $8.0728 $7.6685 5.27%
Aulani $8.3539 $8.3312 0.27%
Aulani (Subsidized) $6.2799 $6.2628 0.27%
Bay Lake Tower $6.8998 $6.5770 4.91%
Beach Club Villas $7.4373 $7.0634 5.29%
BoardWalk Villas $7.8126 $7.3650 6.07%
Boulder Ridge $8.1062 $7.7808 4.18%
Copper Creek Villas $7.5903 $7.4471 1.92%
Grand Californian $6.9927 $6.5985 5.97%
Grand Floridian $6.8118 $6.5616 3.81%
Hilton Head $9.9730 $9.1010 9.58%
Old Key West $8.3578 $7.8363 6.65%
Polynesian $7.0542 $6.7912 3.87%
Riviera $8.3833 $8.3082 0.90%
Saratoga Springs $7.1110 $6.7650 5.11%
Vero Beach (Before 1/1/96) $8.8560 $8.0025 10.67%
Vero Beach (On or After 1/1/96) $11.2307 $10.1257 10.91%

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Bee Thaxton

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Joe Wolfers

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3 comments on “2021 Proposed Annual Dues with Bee Thaxton & Joe Wolfers

  1. I’m not seeing anything about closed time credits just next year increases. If they laid off employees where are the 2020 credits. You are going to price yourself out of business if you don’t stop these major increases. Cut services if you have to pay more per hour.

    1. You’re definitely not alone in this sentiment! Many owners were wondering about 2020 dues credits, when Disney announced these proposed 2021 dues.

      There should be more news about whether a 2020 dues credit will be given, and if so, exactly how much that credit would be, coming very soon. Once the 2020 calendar year has completely concluded, Disney will be able to fully assess what was spent for the year and will be in a better position to communicate their plans for 2020 dues credits.

      The annual DVC condo association meeting will be held on December 10th to ratify the proposed 2021 dues, there is some speculation we may hear about a 2020 dues credit in that meeting, while others believe we’ll hear more about this once the calendar year has completely concluded.

      Please check back with us here at DVCShop.Com, for the latest DVC news. As soon as we have the information from Disney about any dues credits, we will post about it on our blog.

      Thanks for your comment!

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