6 DVC Resorts That Accommodate 5 Guests In A Studio

There’s no question why Studios at Disney Vacation Club Resorts are the most popular units and the quickest to be booked once booking windows open up. Studios are a fantastic choice for families of one to four people and require the use of the least amount of points to book. But what if you have a family of five? Making the jump to a one-bedroom unit would require many more points to book and it’s just one more person right? Well, you’re in luck because these 6 DVC resorts accommodate 5 guests in a Studio unit.


In order to accommodate five guests, Studios in select DVC resorts come equipped with one queen sized bed, one double sized sofa bed and one single pull down Murphy bed, making the units perfectly suitable for a family of five. Additionally, as the sofa bed and Murphy bed can be easily stowed after everyone is up and ready to start the day, the room itself does not need to feel cramped and or uncomfortable throughout your stay. The layout still leaves plenty of seating for everyone to enjoy lounging in the room when not sleeping. You can view all DVC rooms sizes by visiting our DVC room size comparison charts page.


The following locations are where you can find Studio units that accommodate up to five guests.

Keep in mind that because of their popularity, if you’re hoping to book a Studio unit, especially one that accommodates five guests, be sure to book as early as possible. Your best bet is to book on the morning that your 11 or 7 month booking windows opens up. 

Have you stayed in a DVC Studio unit with five people? How did you feel about your stay? Share your experience below!

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