Why You Should Visit Walt Disney World In January

EPCOT Festival of the arts

The big question that everyone has when deciding to book a Disney vacation is this: When should I go? There is no correct answer to this question. Each month and season at Disney World has its own benefits and drawbacks. There are several reasons to consider booking a winter vacation to Disney World. January might seem like a random time to visit Florida, but there are significant perks to visiting the parks during this winter month! Read on to find out why you should visit Disney World in January.

Lingering Holiday Decorations

If you can’t make it to Disney World during the holidays but still wish to see the parks decorated in all their glory, then you will be thrilled to learn that Disney’s holiday decorations don’t just disappear overnight on January 1st. If you are visiting Disney World during the first week of January you can still expect to see most of the decorations at the parks until they begin to slowly take things down. You might even get to hear some holiday music still here and there. Keep in mind that there aren’t any special holiday shows or events still occurring during this time, but this is still a great way to experience a bit of Disney’s holiday magic without the massive holiday crowds that go alongside it.

Christmas at Magic Kingdom
Christmas wreath at the Magic Kingdom. Photo: Emily Murray.

Cooler Weather

Not a fan of the heat? Me either! That’s why I love visiting Disney World in the winter. January is typically a cold month for Florida with temps dropping as low as 30 degrees in the morning, and reaching an average high of 60-70 degrees during the day. Cooler weather makes for a very pleasant park experience without having to worry about over-heating and dehydration. This is the best time to take little kids to the parks, or anyone else who might be sensitive to heat.

Magic Kingdom
Don’t forget to pack a sweatshirt or jacket just in case!

Keeping in mind that temperatures can vary during this time of year, it is a good idea to pack many different options for clothing. Dress in layers so you can easily shed a few if you need to, especially since the morning temperatures can be quite chilly.

Run Disney Marathons

If there is an athlete in your family then January is an ideal time for your visit to the Disney parks! Run Disney hosts several running events and marathons at the Disney parks throughout the year, but several of these events take place during the beginning of the year. In 2024, Run Disney hosted a 5k, 10k, half marathon, marathon, and other running events such as the Goofy Race and a Half and the Dopey Challenge, all during the first week of January. Run Disney events are quite popular for runners, because when else do you get the opportunity to jog through a Disney park? These races are fun to participate in but also fun to spectate as well!

runDisney characters
You can meet rare characters during runDisney events!

EPCOT Festival of the Arts

An exciting event that occurs at the beginning of each year is EPCOT International Festival of the Arts. EPCOT hosts many international festivals throughout the year but January and February host the Festival of the Arts. This festival celebrates all things art including animation, culinary, and cultural experiences. The Festival of the Arts includes shows from Broadway artists, incredible snacks and cuisine, live music and shows, performance painters, photo opportunities, chalk art, and shopping. EPCOT International Festival of the Arts is one of the shortest-running festivals that is hosted during the year, so don’t hesitate to book your January vacation!

Festival of the Arts. Photo: Emily Murray
Festival of the Arts. Photo: Emily Murray

When is your favorite time to visit the Disney parks? Have you ever taken a winter Disney vacation? Let us know in the comments below!

Featured Photo: Emily Murray.

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Megan Woodard

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Megan was born into a Disney family. Her first trip to Disney World was when she was only 18 months old. Now as an adult, Megan loves to share the magic of Disney with her two toddlers. Keeping up with Disney news and Disney World knowledge is a fun hobby for Megan. Disney World is her favorite place to be and continuously brings back her childhood joy.

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