Why You Should Rent DVC Points For Your Next Disney Vacation

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Taking a trip to Disney World can become quite expensive, especially if you’re planning to stay at a Disney Resort hotel. Disney World offers a wide range of accommodations for their guests, but they can often be a bit pricey. And if your dream is to stay at one of Disney’s Deluxe Resorts you’ll likely be looking to pay upwards of $300 per night. 

But there is a better way to stay at Disney and save hundreds on your next vacation. Renting DVC points or a DVC Confirmed Reservation can save guests up to 60% off their Disney Deluxe stays. 

What Is A DVC Rental?

Disney Vacation Club owners are allotted a set number of points to use each year, but some owners are unable to use all their points before their expiration date. When this occurs, owners often turn to a DVC Rental company to assist them in renting their unused points to a non-DVC owner looking to stay at a Disney Deluxe Resort. 

DVC Shop Rentals works with these DVC owners to assist them in locating a renter for their extra or unused points. During the process DVC Shop Rentals markets the available points or reservation to potential renters. Once a renter is interested in the owner’s points or reservation, DVC Shop Rentals acts as a liaison between the two parties.

What’s the Difference Between Renting a Confirmed Reservation or DVC Points?

Confirmed Reservations

At times, DVC Owners have already booked a stay at a DVC Resort, but unfortunately are unable to travel to Disney to use the reservation. This is when they place their reservation available for rent through DVC Shop Rentals.

DVC Shop Rentals then markets this Confirmed Reservation to potential Disney guests. Anyone can contact DVC Shop to book a Confirmed Reservation stay. These stays already have a designated resort, check-in date, number of nights and a total price for the stay. Once a renter is interested and agrees to the terms of the rental, the reservation is switched over to the renter’s name. The renter can then check-in to the Deluxe Resort and enjoy a stay at Disney for less.

DVC Points

If the DVC Owner has unused points that have not been booked into a reservation, these points are essentially open and available to be booked at any resort that has availability. For guests looking to book a vacation for specific dates, this is the ideal rental type. 

Once the renter expresses interest and provides DVC Shop Rentals with their preferred resort, check-in date and number of nights, the team at DVC Shop Rentals will search Disney’s availability. If the dates and resort are available the reservation will be booked for the renter using the DVC Owner’s points. The reservation is made under the name of the renter so the renter can check-in as a guest and enjoy all the resort has to offer.

How Will I Save Money With A DVC Rental?

DVC Rentals are generally priced on a per point basis. See DVC Shop’s Rental Pricing for more information. You can also use the Point Calculator to determine how many points you’ll need for your stay and find out how much your rental stay will cost. 

As an example, 4 weeknights in May in a Standard Studio at Disney’s Boardwalk would require 56 points to book. At $20 per point, the total reservation would cost $1,120. This can be as much as 60% off regular pricing if you opted to book directly with Disney. Percentage savings will be dependent on your travel dates.

DVC Shop Rentals often offers promotional rates which equate to even more savings for renters. Currently all reservations over 50 points booked for August or September are $16 per point.

See other promotions here.

Pricing for Confirmed Reservations are set directly by the DVC Owners. This is a great news for renters because these reservations can often offer even more savings. Additionally, many confirmed reservations are for hard to book dates throughout the year, giving renters the opportunity to snag a stay during a popular time of year and still save money.

How Do I Rent A DVC Stay?

It’s simple! First, check our Confirmed DVC Reservations list to see what is already booked. There may be a reservation booked that matches your exact travel dates in our list of Confirmed Reservations.

If you don’t see the dates you’re looking for, simply complete a Rental Request Form and the team at DVC Shop Rentals will search availability for your requested dates and contact you with more information. 

Renting a DVC Stay, whether through DVC points or with a Confirmed Reservation, is a terrific option for Disney guests visiting Disney World, or any DVC location, and hoping to save money on their vacation. Visit DVC Shop Rentals today to get started.

Katherine Rand

DVC Shop Editorial Team

Image: Disney’s Beach Club Villas, a DVC Resort, flickr.com @ Rhys A.

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